What is the Wooster Group known for?

What is the Wooster Group known for?

The Wooster Group is a company of artists based in New York City that makes work for theater, dance, and media.

Who is the Wooster Group?

The Wooster Group’s core members include Jim Clayburgh, Willem Dafoe, Spalding Gray, Elizabeth LeCompte, Peyton Smith, and Kate Valk. The Wooster Group has played a pivotal role in bringing technologically sophisticated and evocative uses of sound, film and video into the realm of contemporary theater.

What is experimental drama?

experimental theater in American English noun. the presentation of innovative works and the development of new concepts and techniques in stage production.

Who is considered the greatest French dramatist of the royal era and remains France’s most produced playwright?

Born Jean-Baptiste Poquelin before 15 January 1622 Paris, Kingdom of France
Died 17 February 1673 (aged 51) Paris, Kingdom of France
Pen name Molière
Occupation Playwright, actor

What is Macaronic theatre?

Macaronic Theatre. Bilingual theatre. Color-blind Casting. Giving a role to a person that is usually played by a person of another race. Sexual Orientation.

Why did Moliere change his name?

In 1643 Molière renounced the hereditary post his father held and chose instead the theater. Since the life of the theater was not considered very respectable, he assumed the name “Molière” in order to spare embarrassment to his family.

Why did Moliere go to jail?

In 1645 Molière was twice sent to prison for debts on the building and properties. The number of theatregoers in 17th-century Paris was small, and the city already had two established theatres, so that a continued existence must have seemed impossible to a young company.

What is it called when a song is in two languages?

Song. A macaronic song is one that combines multiple languages. Macaronic songs have been particularly common in Ireland (Irish–English) and also occur for other languages, such as Yiddish–Ukrainian.

Who started community performance?

The movement has been called “art theatre,” “little theatre,” “amateur theatre,” even “tributary theatre.” “Community theatre” was coined by Louise Burleigh in 1917. An identifiable “movement” was definitely underway in the early 1900’s.

Did Molière marry?

On February 20, 1662, Molière married Armande Béjart, the daughter of Madeleine and the comte de Modene. There were three children of the marriage; only a daughter survived to maturity.

What type of invalid was the title of one of Molière’s plays?

In 1673, during a production of his final play, The Imaginary Invalid, Molière, who suffered from pulmonary tuberculosis, was seized by a coughing fit and a haemorrhage while playing the hypochondriac Argan. He finished the performance but collapsed again and died a few hours later.

What was Molière’s last play?

The Imaginary Invalid
Le Malade imaginaire (The Imaginary Invalid), about a hypochondriac who fears death and doctors, was performed in 1673 and was Molière’s last work.