What is there to do in Seattle by boat?

What is there to do in Seattle by boat?

The 7 Best Boat Tours in Seattle

  1. Argosy Cruises. Seattle’s a harbor town, and one of the best ways to learn about the city (and see the skyline!) is via boat.
  2. Ballard Kayak and Paddleboard.
  3. All Rivers and Saltwater Charters.
  4. Island Adventures Whale Watching.
  5. Sunday Ice Cream Cruise.
  6. Alki Kayak Tours.
  7. Victoria Clipper.

How long is the Argosy tour?

two-and-a-half hour
Argosy Locks Cruise Boat & Bus: A two-and-a-half hour tour which links the saltwater of Puget Sound with the fresh water of Lake Union via the historic Hiram Chittenden Locks.

How much is the duck ride in Seattle?


Adult Child (4-12 yrs) Infant (Under 3 yrs)
$37.54 $21.02 $5.51

Where can I see ships in Seattle?

Relying on expert input and traveler sentiment, U.S. News compiled 10 of the best boat tours in Seattle.

  • Alki Kayak Tours – Elliott Bay Sea Kayak Tour.
  • Argosy Cruises – Locks Cruise.
  • Waterways Cruises – Seattle Dinner Cruise.
  • Clipper Vacations – Seattle to San Juan Island Whale Watching.

How does CityPASS Seattle work?

Seattle CityPASS: How It Works With the Seattle CityPASS, you’ll gain entry to five of the top six attractions in the city. Two of the attractions are included with every pass. Purchasers then get to choose from three of the remaining four attractions, which is nice for people who appreciate some flexibility.

Does Seattle still have duck boats?

SEATTLE – Ride the Ducks of Seattle closed and filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Legal issues stemming from the deadly crash on the Aurora Bridge in 2015 that killed five people and left several others injured were “too much for the company to overcome,” according to a statement on the company’s website.

What happened to the Duck Tours?

The service carried over two million passengers in its 13-year life and was ridden by Queen Elizabeth II during her Diamond Jubilee celebrations in 2012. These are no longer operating due to the liquidation of the company following two separate sinkings in 2013. There was also a Duck offering rides at Instow in Devon.

Are there whales in Lake Union?

The Orca Network cautions boaters to be aware of the whale and give it plenty of room. The locks connect saltwater Puget Sound to freshwater Lake Union and Lake Washington. Gray whales, which grow to 50 feet long and 40 tons, can live to 70 years old. They are a “conservation success story,” Milstein said.

How long does the Seattle CityPASS last?

9 consecutive days
CityPASS tickets are valid for 9 consecutive days including the first day of use.