What is TsuRag made of?

What is TsuRag made of?

“I knew I was on to something,” said Henry of the TsuRag, which is made with four-way stretch Spandex. “I envision my rag being the rag of choice.”

What does a TsuRag do?

Unlike the useless tail of the traditional durag, the TsuRag’s tail is multifunctional. The tail flips and wraps around the head thus providing extra support for developing waves in those tough to wave areas. The tail can also be used for braids, locks, doobies and just about any style that requires maintenance.

What size TsuRag should I get?

Take a measuring tape and wrap it around your head (the tape should be about 1 inch above your ear). If you do not have a measuring tape, you can use a string and a ruler to determine your size.

What’s the best material for a durag?


  • I would say that velvet durags are great for comfort and style, but when it comes to use for bettering/maintaining 360 waves you should opt to use a silky or poly-satin mix fabric durag.
  • Poly-satin mix durags are honestly my favorite type of durags.

Who invented Durags?

Darren Dowdy, president of So Many Waves, claims his father, William J. Dowdy, invented it as part of a hair grooming kit. Mr. Dowdy called his durag a “tie down” — he hated the name durag — and it was first sold widely in 1979.

What is the origin of do rags?

The do-rag’s origin dates back to the 19th century when poor laborers and slaves needed something to tie their hair back with. Fast forwarding to the times of the Harlem Renaissance and Great Depression, in the 1930s, do-rag then evolved into a hairstyle preserver.

What is a crown patch for waves?

Crown patches are square and or circular pieces of fabric that 360 wavers place on top of their crown for extra compression. The patches are normally placed under the du-rag where it is held in place. If your crown patch does not stay in place while sitting on top of your head use this technique to assist.

Are silk or velvet durags better?

That being said velvet durags are great for waves. While the outside is made from velvet, the inside of the durag is made from satin. Velvets provide better compression than traditional silky durags, which can create better-looking waves.

What’s a wave check?

A wave check is as simple as it sounds. It is the act of telling someone wearing a durag to take it off in order to reveal their hair beneath. The goal is simply to see if the person wearing the durag is wavy. Wave check have also turned into a competition. It is almost like a sports.

Who wore the first durag?

African-American workers
The first appearance of the durag dates back to dark years of American history, during the 19th century durags were mainly worn by African-American workers and slaves during hard working hours.