What paint do you use on Barbie dolls?

What paint do you use on Barbie dolls?

I prefer Golden brand fluid acrylic paint: a tiny bit lasts a long time. Some people use Liquitex tube paints, but these require much more thinning. If you do choose a craft store brand, Apple Barrel, Folk Art, or Delta are commonly used ones when starting. For a sealer, I use Liquitex matte and gloss.

How do you dye Barbie face?


  1. Remove the factory paint.
  2. Tie back the doll’s hair.
  3. Apply two coats of spray sealant.
  4. Shade and blush with soft pastels, if you’re using them.
  5. Fill in the whites of the eyes.
  6. Draw the eye outline and lashes.

Are Barbie doll faces hand painted?

Designers carefully paint lips and eyes on the dolls by hand. They sew on her hair with a sewing machine before they cut and style it by hand. They even keep archives of past experiments in their studio.

What kind of paint do you use on a doll face?

If you can get the paint to adhere to any doll, acrylic paint will work.

How do you clean a Barbie face?

Answer: Once you’ve tried the suggestions given in the article and Barbie is still stained, try a cotton bud and a little rubbing alcohol. If that doesn’t work, gently rub a little undiluted dish soap on her face with your finger. Wait for three minutes and then wipe off. Wipe again with a clean damp cloth.

How do you paint a vinyl doll face?

Paint can adhere to your doll’s face when you apply a primer. Using two thin coats of clear acrylic gesso, I applied a thin layer of clear acrylic gesso to the eyes and mouth area. Once the water has completely dried, proceed to the next step, which may take 15-20 minutes depending on the temperature.

What can I use instead of Mr super clear?

The following are aerosol sealants recommended as an alternative to Mr. Super Clear….Practice all safety precautions and protection when using sealants:

  • Testor’s Dullcote.
  • ZM Finishing Powder Spray.
  • Games Workshop Spray Varnish Matte.
  • Mr. Hobby Top Coat Flat/Matte.

Can you use acrylic paint on dolls?

Paint can be applied to vinyl dolls, plastic dolls, hard plastic dolls, composition dolls, and more with acrylic doll paint.

How do you remove ink from a doll’s face?

Here’s what you do:

  1. Generously apply 10% benzoyl peroxide cream to the ink marks.
  2. Then, you put the doll out in the sunshine for a few hours.
  3. So benzoyl peroxide + bright sunshine = the magic formula.
  4. The ink is totally gone!
  5. Warning: please use caution using this method on a really special or expensive doll.

How do you clean a dirty dolls face?

Wash the doll’s face with mild soap and warm water. Use a washcloth to gently remove dirt and grime. Rinse thoroughly with water and pat dry with a clean towel.

Can You repaint a Barbie doll?

If you’re not satisfied with the generic factory paint on an old Barbie, you can repaint it on your own. You can use pastels and colored pencils for a softer, more realistic look, or acrylic paints for a bold, stylized appearance. Steps. Remove the factory paint.

How do you remove paint from a doll head?

Using cotton swabs dipped in acetone, nail polish remover, or isopropyl alcohol, gently scrub off the factory paint. Get as much paint off as you can, as leftover can make a repaint difficult. Rinse the head immediately after the paint is gone to prevent damage to the plastic. Tie back the doll’s hair.

How do you paint doll’s eyes?

Once the main eye is dry, use white paint to highlight the eyes. Small dots of white paint are good for highlighting the eyes. Use a very small brush, and dot just enough to make the doll’s eyes look bright and alive. Don’t use too much paint, as a big glob of it will just look sloppy. Start small; you can always add more.

How do you make a Barbie doll look round?

Shading can be used to give the appearance of roundness in an area that is flat. Some Barbies have a very flat eye area and you will need to create a rounded look using shading techniques. This is more advanced however and is not usually done by the beginner. You will learn all this in time.