What qualifies as an exempt employee in Florida?

What qualifies as an exempt employee in Florida?

Exempt employees are usually executives, professionals, administrators, and computer employees. Florida labor laws provide a minimum wage of $8.46 per hour which is $1.21 more than the federal minimum wage. The minimum wage in Florida is subject to change annually per state law.

What is the exempt salary threshold in Florida?

To qualify for exemption, employees generally must be paid at not less than $684* per week on a salary basis.

Who is exempt from workers comp in Florida?

Generally speaking, any business with fewer than four employees is exempt from workers’ compensation insurance. Businesses with four or more employees, whether those employees work part-time or full-time, must carry workers’ compensation insurance that covers all employees.

Who is exempt from overtime pay in Florida?

Executives, administrators, and other professionals earning at least $455 per week do not have to be paid overtime under Section 13(a)(1) of the Fair Labor Standards Act. External salespeople (who often set their own hours) are also exempted from FL overtime requirements, as are some types of computer-related workers.

Do salaried employees get paid if they do not work?

Subject to exceptions listed below, an exempt employee must receive the full salary for any week in which the employee performs any work, regardless of the number of days or hours worked. Exempt employees do not need to be paid for any workweek in which they perform no work.

Who can be a salaried employee in Florida?

You must be on a salary of not less than $455 per week. Your primary duties should involve non-manual work and should directly relate to management. You should be able to make decisions on behalf of the organization while observing discretion and independent judgment.

Do I need workers comp in Florida if I have no employees?

The State of Florida requires that even self-employed workers in the construction industry carry workers’ compensation insurance. If you’re in an industry that has less risk of workplace injuries and you have no employees, you might still decide that it’s a good idea to have coverage.

What are the labor laws for salaried employees in Florida?

Salaried employees that earn less than $455 per week are allotted overtime. Salaried employees that earn more than $455 per workweek can receive overtime unless their job duties earn them exemption. This usually includes executive, professional, administrative, outside sales or computer-related occupations.

What are the benefits of being a salaried employee?

You get paid time off and holidays As a salaried employee within your employment contract, a company generally offers paid time off, such as sick or personal days. They work these days into your salary, so you have the flexibility to take a day off without impacting your paycheque.

What are the requirements to be an exempt employee in Florida?

What Qualifies As An Exempt Employee In Florida 1 You should be on a salary of not less than $455 per week. 2 Your role must primarily comprise of management of the organization or a department in the organization. 3 You must direct how two or more permanent employees do their work.

How much does an executive executive administrator make in Florida?

Executive administrators are exempt from minimum wage and overtime compensation in Florida in the Fair Labor Standards Act and its regulation. • You must be on a salary of not less than $455 per week. • Your primary duties should involve non-manual work and should directly relate to management.

What is the salary of an exempt employee?

For an employee to be exempt, they should be earning a salary that exceeds $100,000 per year. An exempt employee based on a salary basis is guaranteed a certain amount of money after a certain duration. This amount should not reduce depending on the amount of work done by the said employee.