What should I build against Xerath?

What should I build against Xerath?

The Best Xerath Counter Picks in League of Legends for patch 12.7, Ranked Boost recommends these picks due to their win condition and abilities.

  • C. Talon. The Blade’s Shadow.
  • C. Zilean. The Chronokeeper.
  • Katarina. The Sinister Blade.

Is Syndra good against Zed?

Syndra’s combo deals more damage, but it costs a lot of mana, while Zed not only is mana-less but also gets to start with an additional health potion if he starts with a Longsword.

Does Xerath counter Soraka?

Soraka wins against Xerath 53.37% of the time which is 5.46% higher against Xerath than the average opponent. After normalising both champions win rates Soraka wins against Xerath 2.92% more often than would be expected.

What goes well with Xerath?

Jhin. This is hands down the BEST ADC to pair with Xerath. Both have good range, both have a stun, and both do fat damage as the game goes on.

Who is good against Xerath support?

Xerath wins more against

Name Winrate
Morgana Support +5.0%
Syndra Mid +4.9%
Brand Support +4.5%
Renata Glasc Support

Is Zed friends with Syndra?

It’s really simple : So, if you visit Zed and Syndra’s champion profile pages, they are listed as friends. That’s it! There’s no other official statement regarding these two’s relationship.

How do you counter Soraka?

The easiest way to counter Soraka is by purchasing items that inflict Grievous Wounds. Items like Morellonomicon, Executioner’s Calling, Thornmail, or Mortal Reminder all provide healing reduction.

Is Xerath support or ADC?

Like Vel’Koz and Brand, Xerath is a mage champion who found his way in the support role. The great thing about him being supported is that he has incredible poke potential and a Crowd control ability that he can use either to peel or initiate fights.

Who plays well with Xerath?

Are Syndra and Zed in love?