What should my Photoshop color settings be?

What should my Photoshop color settings be?

Optimal “Color Settings” values in Photoshop

  • RGB Working Space:
  • CMYK working space: Unless you work on files in the CMYK workspace, this probably has no effect on your work at all.
  • Gray working space:
  • Spot working space: It is very unlikely that you work on files in the spot workspace.

How do I change preferences in Photoshop CS5?

General Preferences. You can open Photoshop’s Preferences dialog box by pressing Command-K (Mac OS) or Control-K (Windows). Alternatively, you can open the Preferences dialog box by choosing Photoshop > Preferences > General (Mac OS) or Edit > Preferences > General (Windows).

Where are color settings?

Select Start > Settings . Select Personalization > Colors. Under Choose your color, select Light. To manually select an accent color, choose one under Recent colors or Windows colors, or select Custom color for an even more detailed option.

How do I select RGB color in Photoshop?

To adjust the RGB — Red, Green and Blue — color channels for an image in Photoshop, use the program’s color channel mixer tool. The mixer allows you to tweak each RGB color channel to modify image color.

Where is Photoshop 2021 preferences?

To open the Preferences dialog box, choose Photoshop→Preferences→General (Edit→Preferences→General on a PC), or press ⌘-K (Ctrl+K).

How do I reset Photoshop cs5 to default settings?

With the shortcut in view, press and hold down Alt+Ctrl+Shift (on Windows) or Shift+Command+Option (on Mac) while you open the program. When Photoshop opens and asks whether you want to delete the settings file, click “Yes.” After that, Photoshop will launch with default settings, as if it had just been installed.

How do you open color settings?

In Photoshop, the color settings are found under the Edit menu. Go up to the Edit menu in the Menu Bar along the top of the screen. Then, choose Color Settings: To open the color settings, go to Edit > Color Settings.

How to fill a selection with color in Photoshop CS5?

How to Fill a Selection with Color in Photoshop CS5. Click the layer containing the object you want to select, then use one of the selection tools to select the layer object that you want to re-color. For example, in the image below, I have used the magic wand tool to select the red brush stroke.

How do I change the color settings in Photoshop?

Okay, now on to Photoshop: go under the Edit menu and choose Color Settings (as shown here). This brings up the Color Settings dialog. By default, it uses a group of settings called “North America General Purpose 2.” Now, does anything about the phrase “General Purpose” sound like it would be a good space for pro photographers? Didn’t think so.

What color space should I use for Photoshop?

Photoshop’s default color space is sRGB (some pros refer to it as “stupid RGB”), which is fine for photos going on the Web, but your printer can print a wider range of colors than sRGB (particularly in the blues and greens). So, if you work in sRGB, you’re essentially leaving out those rich, vivid colors you could be seeing.

How do I change the color of a selected selection?

Click Edit at the top of the window, then click the Fill option. Click the drop-down menu to the right of Use, then click the Color option. Choose the color that you want to replace your selection with, then click the OK button. You will note that there is a Blending section at…