What size drill bit is 17 64?

What size drill bit is 17 64?

Drill Bit Hole Diameters
Metric Size Fractional Size
8 mm .3150 17/64
9 mm .3543 9/32
10 mm .3937 19/64

What is a long drill bit called?

A spade bit, also known as a paddle bit, bores large-diameter holes — up to 1-1/2 inches in diameter — in wood. It has a flattened blade with a sharp point that helps position and steady the bit. Some spade bits have points at the two edges that help create a neater hole and exit point. Shop Spade Drill Bits & Sets.

What is a long series drill bit used for?

Ideal for drilling deeper holes. 118° Standard point for general purpose applications. Precision ground flute designed for fast chip removal. Made from M2 High Speed Steel (HSS) offering the best combination of strength, heat and wear resistance.

What lengths do drill bits come in?

As far as fractional sizes are concerned, there are three different size increments used to measure jobber bits: 1/64 inch to 1 inch. 1/16 inch to 3 inches. 1/8 inch to 3 1/4 inches.

What size is #16 drill bit?

Drill Bit Size Chart

Size Decimal Equivalent Size
69 0.0292 11/64″
.75 mm 0.0295 17
68 0.031 4.40 mm
1/32″ 0.0312 16

What is #7 drill bit size?

0.2010 inches
A number 7 drill bit is 0.2010 inches. As a fraction, the 0.2010 decimal is 201/1000.

How do you make a drill bit longer?

Expose More Shank The twist drill bit is firmly clasped by the chuck of the drill. It won’t wiggle or wobble or anything else annoying when you go to drill the hole. By having the chuck clasp the shank further down the drill bit, more bit is exposed, created a longer drill bit and drill.

What are twist drills made of?

The majority of modern-day twist drills are made from High Speed Steel. High Speed Steel is a high carbon tool steel with a red hardness of around 650°c; although this can differ depending on the quality and the amount of tungsten in the material.

Why are some drill bits gold?

Twist bits are also available coated with Titanium nitride (TiN), these are easily identified by the gold like colour. This coating increases the hardness of the bit and adds a self-lubricating property.

What is 17/64 simplified?

Reduce 17/64 to lowest terms 17 64 is already in the simplest form. It can be written as 0.265625 in decimal form (rounded to 6 decimal places).

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  • What is the standard size of a drill bit?

    What is the standard drill bit size? Drill bit sizes are written as irreducible fractions. So, instead of 78/64 inch, or 1 14/64 inch, the size is noted as 1 7/32 inch. Click to see full answer. People also ask, what size is a #36 drill bit?

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