What size tank does a Fahaka Puffer need?

What size tank does a Fahaka Puffer need?

Fahaka Puffer Tank Setup If you want to keep Fahaka Puffer fish, you will need a tank that is at minimum 100 gallons. Fahaka Puffer fish require their water to be at a temperature of around 75°F to 82°F. Fahaka Puffer fish are sensitive to soft water, and do best when kept between 10 and 12 dKH, and 7.0 to 8.0 pH.

What fish can live with a Fahaka puffer?

Good Tank Mates for Fahaka Puffers

  • Silver Dollars, Tinfoil Barbs, and othe large schooling fish.
  • Guppies, Tetras, and other tiny fish.

Can you keep a Fahaka Puffer in a 75 gallon tank?

The minimum size aquarium for a Fahaka Puffer would be 75 gallons (280 liters). However, larger is always better. A 125 gallon or 150 gallons (475 liters or 575 liters) would be much better as it both gives the Fahaka Puffer more swimming space and the larger water volume is easier to keep stable.

Are Fahaka puffer aggressive?

The Fahaka Puffer is extremely aggressive and intolerant of other fish and should be housed alone. They have been successfully housed in very large tanks with fast moving fish that they can not catch.

Can you keep a Fahaka puffer with other fish?

Difficulties in keeping Fahaka puffer has a very curious and intelligent nature and it becomes domesticated quite easily, however at that the fish is rather aggressive towards other fishes. Its very likely that puffer will kill or hurt other fishes that will inhabit in the same tank with it.

How much is a Fahaka puffer?

Fahaka Puffers will cost anything from $20 to well over $100 depending on size, source, and quality of fish.

Are fahaka puffer aggressive?

Do fahaka puffers need sand?

Fahaka Puffers do best when kept on a sand substrate. Fahaka Puffers like to bury themselves, especially when they are smaller, and a sand substrate facilitates this much easier than gravel.