What town is Bonnet Shores RI?

What town is Bonnet Shores RI?

town of Narragansett
Bonnet Shores is a small resort district near the town of Narragansett, Rhode Island, located about 20 miles south from the city of Providence….Bonnet Shores, Narragansett, RI, USA Lat Long Coordinates Info.

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Is Bonnet Shores a private beach?

This private beach is located at the Bonnet Shores Beach Club, a condominium association in the town of Narragansett. In addition to swimming at the private sandy beach, guests can enjoy the club’s many amenities.

What is Rhode Island’s zip code?

Zip Code List Zip Code – 028 in Rhode Island

Zip Code City County
02801 Adamsville Newport County
02802 Albion Providence County
02804 Ashaway Washington County
02806 Barrington Bristol County

How did Bonnet Shores get its name?

In case you were wondering about Bonnet Shores, it was mostly Wesquage Farm and Bonnet Point before the mid 19th century, thought to be called that because the shape of the Point looked a bit like the bonnet of a ship’s jib (a small sail at the bottom of the jib).

What time is Narragansett beach free?

The Lifeguards go off duty at 6:00 PM, and the bathrooms close at 7:00. On the other hand, all the parking lots and entry to the beach becomes free after 5:00 PM.

How long is Bonnet Shores beach?

Bonnet Shores is the most enchanting beach and boat community in all of South County, Rhode Island. Walk, jog, or bike the 5 kilometer loop through Bonnet past breathtaking views of the beaches.

What area code is Rhode Island?

Area code 401
Area code 401 is the sole telephone area code of Rhode Island. 401 is one of the original 86 North American area codes, which were created in 1947.

What is the zip code for Warwick RI?

Warwick/Zip codes

Is Narragansett beach free after 5?

Is Narragansett beach nice?

Absolutely packed as well. Beautiful beach though, sand and water are very nice.

Are dogs allowed at Kelly beach RI?

Please be aware that there are NO DOGS allowed on both Kelly and Little Beach when they are officially open.