What was the euro exchange rate on 12 31 2020?

What was the euro exchange rate on 12 31 2020?

Euro Exchange Rates for 31/12/2020 (31 December 2020)

Convert From Convert To Exchange Rate
Euro (EUR) US Dollar (USD) 1 EUR to USD = 1.2216
Euro (EUR) Uruguayan New Peso (UYU) 1 EUR to UYU = 51.5937
Euro (EUR) Vanuatu Vatu (VUV) 1 EUR to VUV = 133.405
Euro (EUR) Samoa Tala (WST) 1 EUR to WST = 3.0793

What is euro foreign exchange reference rates?

Euro foreign exchange reference rates are based on a regular daily concentration procedure between the central banks of the European System of Central Banks and other central banks, which takes place each working day at 15:15 (local time); the rates reflect the foreign exchange market situation at the given moment.

How do you reference an exchange rate?

Typically, an exchange rate is quoted using an acronym for the national currency it represents. For example, the acronym USD represents the U.S. dollar, while EUR represents the euro. To quote the currency pair for the dollar and the euro, it would be EUR/USD.

What was euro rate December 2020?

Daily USD/EUR rates for 2020, including the high, low, open, close and mid rate.

Date Open Close
Thursday 31 December 2020 (31/12/2020) 0.8131 0.8185
Wednesday 30 December 2020 (30/12/2020) 0.8161 0.8130
Tuesday 29 December 2020 (29/12/2020) 0.8183 0.8161

Who sets the euro exchange rate?

The General Council of the ECB
The General Council of the ECB was responsible for setting the conversion rate for the euro for each participating country.

What was the euro exchange rate 2020?

Average exchange rate in 2020: 1.142 USD. Worst exchange rate: 1.0658 USD on 19 Mar 2020.