When did Hilsea lido close?

When did Hilsea lido close?

Hilsea Lido
Opened 1935
Closed 2008-2014
Operated by HLPP Trust
Type open-air, freshwater

Why are pools called lido?

Lido, an Italian word for “beach”, forms part of the place names of several Italian seaside towns known for their beaches, such as Lido di Venezia, the barrier beach enclosing the Venetian Lagoon.

Whats the difference between a swimming pool and a lido?

A lido is an outdoor swimming pool near a beach or even in a city where people can swim and relax. Facilities vary but lidos generally offer basic changing rooms and showers. The colourful row of changing rooms surrounding Victorian lidos is an iconic image.

Where does the name lido come from?

The town’s name comes from the Italian word lido, which means “shore” or “bank.” (The Italian root derives from litus, the Latin word for “shore.”) By the mid-19th century, Lido’s reputation as a chic vacation destination for the well-to-do made it the envy of seaside resorts everywhere.

Is Hilsea Lido free?

Hilsea Lido Entry is £3 for children and £3.50 for adults.

Does Portsmouth have a Lido?

Hilsea Lido – Leisure / Swimming Pool in Portsmouth, Portsmouth – Portsmouth.

What is the oldest swimming pool in the UK?

Cleveland Pools
Cleveland Pools is the UK’s oldest public lido. Built in 1815, it boasts a series of outdoor swimming pools and a Georgian crescent of changing rooms in an idyllic location nestled amongst nature on the banks of the River Avon in Bath.

Where was the first lido?

The first open air swimming pool that was officially called a lido was “The Edmonton Lido” in Houndsfield Road, Edmonton following reopening after refurbishment on 27 July 1935.

What does lido mean?

Acronym. Definition. LIDO. Longitudinal Investigation of Depression Outcomes (comparative health assessment)

What deck is the lido deck?

The open pool deck, usually on the top deck.

What is lido short for?

What is lido known for?

Lido is a small island in the Venice lagoon. Sheltering the city from the sea, Lido offers award winning beaches and spectacular views on Venice. It’s undoubtedly most known for hosting Venice Film Festival, but it’s usually avoided by the mass of tourists coming to visit its famous neighbor.

What is the Hilsea Lido?

The Hilsea Lido is a leisure facility featuring the Main Pool (measuring 67m x 18m – 4.6m deep) and a large Splash Pool (45m x 18m x 6ins deep) designed for younger swimmers. At 4.6 metres (15 feet) deep, the lido has the distinction of being the deepest outdoor pool in the UK apart from Broomhill Pool which is the same depth.

What is the name of the freshwater lido in Portsmouth?

Hilsea Lido is a freshwater lido at Hilsea, Portsmouth, England. The lido was closed for a number of years but reopened undergoing refurbishment under the control of Hilsea Lido Pool for the People.

What happened to the lido at Hillsea?

Between 1946 and 1951 a miniature railway ran along the lido site. In 1974 the Lido was used as a set for the Bernie’s Holiday Camp scene in the film Tommy. Later in the 70s the lido’s diving platforms were removed. In 1995 the Lido lent its name to the Vulcan Software management simulation game Hillsea Lido.

When did the first Lido pool open?

Plans for development of the lido were agreed in 1932 and the lido opened on 24 July 1935. The architect for the lido was Joseph Parkin. The pool originally used seawater, converting later to freshwater, and the lido design included two large fountains which have been retained but are no longer used.