Where can I buy clothes online in Pakistan?

Where can I buy clothes online in Pakistan?

10 best online clothes shopping sites in Pakistan 2021

  • junaidjamshed.com – 1.21 Million monthly visits.
  • Khaadi.com – 1.18 Million monthly visits.
  • sapphireonline.pk – 1.04M.
  • gulahmedshop.com – 1M.
  • Limelight.pk – 990.26k.
  • alkaramstudio.com – 687.4k.
  • outfitters.com.pk – 466.8k.
  • nishatlinen.com – 447.7k.

Which online shopping website is best in Pakistan?

Best Online shopping websites in Pakistan

  • Daraz.pk.
  • Goto.com.pk.
  • Aliexpress.com.
  • Telemart.pk.
  • Shopon.Pk.
  • HomeShopping.pk.
  • iShopping.pk.
  • Yayvo.com.

Who buys Daraz?

Rocket said in a statement that Alibaba has acquired the entire Daraz business. The deal is the second time Alibaba has bought a Rocket company, the first being Lazada in Southeast Asia two years ago.

Where can I buy designer dresses in Pakistan?

Zuhaz provides the widest range of designer dresses with all the latest fashion trends in Pakistan and beyond. We are a highly preferable Pakistani dresses online boutique where you can find the latest Pakistani dresses always.

Why zuhaz is the best online boutique in Pakistan?

Zuhaz brings women in Pakistan and around the world a wide range of classy, elegant, and beautiful dresses. Women are always in search of an online boutique where they can easily swipe through a handful of designer dresses and choose one of their likings. Well, Zuhaz brings women the ease of scrolling through their… Yes!!

Where can I buy jewellery online in Pakistan?

Online Shopping with Zardi, we carry a multitude of professional brands such as House of Brands, Hong Kong Jewellers, Sarwan, Silveria Jewellers, and many more. Zardi offers 100% Satisfaction, affordable prices, and free delivery with every accessory that we sell online. Why Zardi is the best Online Shopping in Pakistan?

What are the best Pakistani brands for everyday wear?

BEAUTIFUL PAKISTANI PRET WEAR COLLECTION From time to time, many brands have proven to be the most popular clothing brand for all your occasions. For example, Zuhaz, Sana Safinaz, Khaddi, Maria. B, and many are in the row.