Where can I find httpd conf file?

Where can I find httpd conf file?

All the configuration files for Apache are located in /etc/httpd/conf and /etc/httpd/conf.

What is the httpd conf file?

Apache HTTP Server is configured by placing directives in plain text configuration files. The main configuration file is usually called httpd. conf . The location of this file is set at compile-time, but may be overridden with the -f command line flag.

How do I open a httpd conf file?

Log in to your website with the root user via a terminal and navigate to the configuration files in the folder located at /etc/httpd/ by typing cd /etc/httpd/. Open the httpd. conf file by typing vi httpd. conf.

Which is default httpd configuration file?

The default configuration file is called ” httpd. conf ” (or ” apache2.

Where is httpd conf in cPanel server?

The httpd. conf file defines configuration settings for the HTTP protocol and for the operation of the server. It is only accessible by a system administrator unless you have a Dedicated Server or VPS. If you have Dedicated Server or VPS, cPanel installs the configuration file in /usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.

Where is Httpd Conf located on Mac?

On Mac httpd. conf location is in the directory /etc/apache2 . You can access this folder through the Mac Finder or through the Mac Terminal.

How do I edit httpd conf?

Modifying the httpd. conf file in the Apache conf folder

  1. Create a backup copy of the httpd.
  2. Open the httpd.conf file and locate the Listen statement in the file.
  3. Add two new Listen statements; one for HTTP and one for HTTPS, as shown below:

How do I configure httpd conf in Windows?

Step by step Apache install on Windows Extract the contents of the Apache Web Server 2.4 zip to the file system. Locate the extracted Apache24 folder and copy this folder to the root of C:\ Open the C:\Apache24\bin folder and run the httpd.exe command.

How do I open httpd conf in Windows?

Open the Apache configuration file, httpd. conf, in your Apache conf directory. On Windows, the default is C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache\conf\httpd. conf.

How do I edit httpd conf in cPanel?

How to Edit Httpd. Conf in Cpanel

  1. Log in to WHM/cPanel as the root user. Video of the Day.
  2. Open the “Service Configuration” section.
  3. Open the “Apache Configuration” section.
  4. Click “Global Configuration” to access the httpd.
  5. Make your desired changes, then click the “Save” button.

How do I edit httpd conf server?

Editing the Apache configuration file on IBM HTTP server

  1. On Windows computers, start a Command Prompt window with the Run as administrator option. On Linux® computers, open a shell.
  2. Go to the /conf directory.
  3. Open the httpd. conf file in a text editor. Uncomment the following in the file.

How to use filesmatch and files in htaccess on Apache?

Using FilesMatch and Files in htaccess Files and FilesMatch to target multiple files and using Regular expressions using.htaccess files on Apache. NOTE: FilesMatch should be used instead of Files when dealing with multiple files. Adding UTF-8 content-type and and en-US language headers to files with extensions htm, html, css, js, and php

Where can I find the Apache httpd configuration files?

Depending on the distribution on which you have the Apache server installed, the location of the httpd.conf will vary. On Debian systems (apache2), the location of the Apache configuration is: On Fedora/CentOS and other REHL systems, the Apache configuration is in: Other locations you can check for the apache httpd configuration files are:

What is the difference between and?

The directive limits the scope of the enclosed directives by filename, just as the directive does. However, it accepts a regular expression.

How to target multiple files using regular expressions on Apache?

Files and FilesMatch to target multiple files and using Regular expressions using .htaccess files on Apache. NOTE: FilesMatch should be used instead of Files when dealing with multiple files.