Where do eastern tailed blue butterflies live?

Where do eastern tailed blue butterflies live?

Range. The eastern tailed blue is found throughout the eastern United States west to North Dakota, Colorado and Texas. It is found in some lower elevations in the west and is also found in southern Canada and in Mexico and Central America.

What is the host plant for eastern tailed blue butterfly?

Red Clover (Trifolium pratense). This common, alien, clover is one of many species of legumes used as a host plant by Eastern Tailed-Blue. Marsh Vetchling or Marsh Pea (Lathyrus palustris). This obligate wetland perennial is one of many species of legume that is host to Eastern Tailed-Blue larvae.

What is a very small blue butterfly called?

May 4, 2010. Greetings, BugFans, Today’s episode considers three small, blue “look-alike” butterflies—the Spring Azure and the Summer Azure, often referred to as the Spring Spring Azure and the Summer Spring Azure, and the Eastern Tailed Blue.

What do monarch butterflies eat?

Adult monarchs feed on the nectar from flowers, which contain sugars and other nutrients. Unlike the larvae that only eat milkweeds, adult monarchs feed on a wide variety of nectar bearing flowers. They will visit many different kinds of flowers in their search for food.

How many blue butterflies are there?

The Blue Butterflies belong to the sub family Polyommatinae of the large Lycaenidae family. There are 9 species of these little blue butterflies resident in the British Isles. Although, depending on species and gender, not all are blue. In excess of 80 species of ‘blue’ butterfly occur in Europe.

Do monarchs eat blood?

Most butterflies drink nectar (or drink blood or sweat or urine or tears), but they don’t defecate. One reason for this is that nectar is a liquid, and it’s difficult to get any solid waste out of it.

How old do butterflies live?

Painted lady: 15 – 29 daysButterflies / Lifespan

Where are the blue butterflies from?

Native to the rainforests of Mexico, Central America and South America, this bright blue butterfly has a short but stunning life. It is thought that the colour helps the males to mark their territories, and acts as a defence against predators.

What color is the underside of an eastern tailed blue?

Undersides of adult eastern tailed-blues are pale gray with numerous small dark spots. Both sides of the hindwings have 2 (occasionally 1 or 3) orange spots by the thin tail.

Where does the eastern tailed blue butterfly live?

The Great Plains form a habitat boundary between the eastern and the much less common but similar western tailed-blue butterfly. The central section of California and portions of the states of Oregon and Washington also has eastern tailed blues, which likely adapted to the habitat after being brought there inadvertently by man.

How to identify eastern tailed blue Everes comyntas?

Eastern Tailed-Blue Everes comyntas Identification:Tiny—1″. Sexes similar below. Above:Male FW and HW deep blue with dark borders and small orange spots near tails. Female is similar, but dark gray, and orange spots are more prominent.

What does the eastern tailed blue butterfly eat?

Eastern tailed-blue larvae feed on various legumes and are known to secrete a substance which is favored by some ant species. The ant in turn protects the larva of the butterfly from other predators. The butterfly is common across eastern North America, and is found as far south as Central America.