Where is Ardijah from?

Where is Ardijah from?

South Auckland, Auckland, New ZealandArdijah / OriginSouth Auckland is an imprecisely defined urban area of Auckland, New Zealand, with a young population, a relatively large Polynesian and Māori demographic, and lower incomes than other parts of Auckland. The name South Auckland, though not an official place name, has come into common useamong New Zealanders. Wikipedia

Is ardijah Maori?

Ardijah were a Maori outfit formed in 1980 out of South Auckland. They specialised in soul and funk and were very successful on the Auckland club scene.

How old is ardijah?

History. Ardijah formed in 1979 and spent the early part of the eighties playing the Auckland pub and club scene honing their skills as a covers band. They released their first single in 1986, Give Me Your Number which was followed in 1987 with Your Love Is Blind.

What is the sound at the beginning of silly love songs?

Wings’ “Silly Love Songs” begins with the rhythmic sounds of a factory: an industrial thunk, a steam-engine whistle, various metallic clinks and ratchets. There’s no misinterpreting that this is the sound of Paul McCartney hard at work.

Why did paul McCartney wrote Silly Love Songs?

“Silly Love Songs” was written as a rebuttal to music critics (as well as John Lennon) who had criticized McCartney for writing lightweight love songs. Author Tim Riley suggests that in the song, McCartney is inviting “his audience to have a laugh on him,” as Elvis Presley had sometimes done.

What year did Silly Love Songs come out by paul McCartney in the Wings?

Silly Love Songs

“Silly Love Songs”
Released 1 April 1976
Recorded 16 January 1976
Genre Disco funk
Length 5:54 3:28 (single edit)

Why did Paul McCartney wrote Silly Love Songs?