Where is Indian River area in Florida?

Where is Indian River area in Florida?

The Indian River extends southward from the Ponce de Leon inlet in New Smyrna Beach in Volusia County southward and across the Haulover Canal and along the western shore of Merritt Island.

Why is it called Indian River?

Hundreds of years ago the Ais Indian tribe called what is now Brevard County home. They lived along the shores of the Indian River and when the Spanish came over in the 1500s, they named it Rio de Ais after the tribe.

How deep is the Indian River in Florida?

4 feet
The average depth of the water is only 4 feet. The 156-mile-long estuary is composed of three main bodies of water: the Banana River, the Indian River and the Mosquito Lagoon. Five inlets connect the Indian River Lagoon with the Atlantic Ocean. The lagoon has 685 species of fish.

What is Indian River County famous for?

The area is home to “Pelican Island,” America’s first National Wildlife Refuge, designated by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1903.

Are there alligators in Indian River Florida?

“There’s a ton of alligators in the river that people don’t know about,” Morrison said. “But alligators that size, they’re not usually in neighborhoods or off the beach.” Indian River County undersheriff James Harpring said a woman called 911 when she spotted the alligator on the shoreline about 7:30 p.m. Sunday.

Why does the Indian River smell?

Why does the Indian River Lagoon smell? During the hot summer months, decomposing seagrass, alga, and bacteria blow onto shore and bake in the heat. The decaying organic matter emits sulfur dioxide gas, which has a odor similiar to rotting eggs.

Is the Indian River a lagoon?

The Indian River Lagoon is a grouping of three lagoons: the Mosquito Lagoon, the Banana River, and the Indian River, on the Atlantic Coast of Florida; one of the most biodiverse estuaries in the Northern Hemisphere and is home to more than 4,300 species of plants and animals.

Is Indian River County rich?

Socioeconomic: Indian River County is fortunate to be one of the nation’s wealthiest regions. In fact, according to Wikipedia, it is Florida’s seventh richest county and the country’s 87th richest (2000 census statistics).

Can you swim in the Indian River Florida?

The water is generally safe for swimming, officials assure. But, as always, that depends. Inlets to flush out a balmy, stagnant lagoon are few-and-far-between. Bacteria can spike after heavy rains, with no water tests to warn the public, as on the county’s ocean beaches.

Are there Gators in the Indian River?

The website adds that gators aren’t often spotted in its waters but some do call its waterways home. Though the gator’s companion is yet to be confirmed to be a shark, the lagoon is known to be a haven for bull sharks. The lagoon has even been deemed a nursery for the shark species.

What’s wrong with the Indian River Lagoon?

There is an ecological crisis in Indian River Lagoon. There is an ecological crisis in Indian River Lagoon. Large quantities of water with high levels of nutrient pollution from Lake Okeechobee and the St. Lucie Basin are being discharged to tide, leading to toxic algae blooms in the Lagoon’s waters.

Where can I find Indian rivers list?

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  • Are there Sharks in the Indian River(fl)?

    You can land huge hammerhead sharks or black tip sharks in Brevard County, Florida, without any special equipment. You can hook salt water sharks fishing from land, a pier, or a camping spot off one of the small islands on the flats of the Indian River, near and around Palm Bay Florida.

    What kind of fish live in the Indian River?

    West Indian Manatees. Manatees are one of our favorite Florida residents and certainly one of the most voracious eaters.

  • Dolphins. Dolphins are common and easy to spot around the river estuary,coast,and lagoon.
  • Nurse Sharks.
  • Sea Turtles.
  • Snowy Egrets.
  • Great Blue Herons.
  • Roseate Spoonbills.
  • Brown Pelicans.
  • Tarpon.
  • Where is the Indian River located?

    The Indian River is a 121-mile (195 km) long brackish lagoon in Florida. It is part of the Indian River Lagoon system, which in turn forms part of the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway . It was originally named Rio de Ais after the Ais Indian tribe, who lived along the east coast of Florida , but was later given its current name.