Where is Tennents Super brewed?

Where is Tennents Super brewed?

Glasgow, Scotland
Wellpark Brewery is a brewery in Duke Street in the East End of Glasgow, Scotland. It was founded in 1740 on the bank of the Molendinar Burn by Hugh and Robert Tennent.

Is Drygate owned by Tennents?

Drygate Brewing Company a joint venture between Tennents lager owner C&C Group and craft brewers Williams Bros Brewing Co, is aiming to brew up to a million litres of craft beer in its first full year of trading.

Who owns Tennents brewery?

C&C Group
Bass Brewery
Wellpark Brewery/Parent organizations

Where is Tennents lager brewed?

Brewed at Wellpark Brewery in Glasgow since 1885 to the highest standards using water from Loch Katrine and Scottish barley, Tennent’s Lager is more than just a great beer – it’s a national institution.

Is tenants the same as Carling?

Tennent’s has almost half of the Scottish beer market but is little known in the south of England. Carling, now to be known as Carling Brewers, has a 19% UK market share.

Is Tennent’s a lager?

Scotland’s favourite beer. Tennent’s Lager is a distinctive and well balanced lager with a crisp and satisfying flavour.

Is Heverlee brewed in Scotland?

The beer is brewed on the outskirts of Leuven (below) a historic Belgian brewing city.

What is the best lager in Scotland?

Top Scottish Lagers

  • SCHIEHALLION – HARVIESTOUN BREWERY, 4.8% Let’s start with a classic: Schiehallion by Harviestoun.
  • PILSNER – FIERCE BEER, 4.2% Another pilsner, this time hailing from Aberdeen’s Fierce Brewery.

Are tenants good beer?

This is a popular standard pint here in Scotland at the pub, while it isn’t my favourite it surely is a well balanced drink, light lager, mellow taste and color. It’s nice served chilled and goes really well with almost any food compared to any other lager or beer I’ve tried.

Is Carling Scottish Beer?

History. The origin of Carling dates back to 1818, when Thomas Carling, a farmer from the English county of Yorkshire, and his family settled in Upper Canada, at what is now the city of London, Ontario. He brewed an ale which became popular, and eventually took up brewing full-time.