Where is the largest Waitrose store?

Where is the largest Waitrose store?

Waitrose shops vary considerably in size. For example, the smallest branch, little Waitrose at King’s Cross station, London, occupies 2,500 sq ft (230 m2) of retail space and the largest, Southend-on-Sea, over 56,000 sq ft (5,200 m2).

How many Waitrose stores are there in the UK?

331 supermarkets
British supermarket retailer Waitrose operated 331 supermarkets across the United Kingdom in 2021. Part of the John Lewis Partnership, Waitrose is equally invested in its store and online sales, and currently accounts for a large share of the company’s annual revenue and gross sales.

How many Waitrose are there in Scotland?

six stores
Waitrose currently has 336 shops in England, Scotland, Wales and the Channel Islands. It currently has six stores in Scotland: in Morningside and Comely Bank, Edinburgh; Byres Road, and Newton Mearns, Glasgow; and outlets in Stirling and Helensburgh.

When was Waitrose founded?

1904, Acton, London, United KingdomWaitrose Limited / Founded

Do Waitrose pay more on Sundays?

Waitrose is to stop paying its staff a higher rate of pay for overtime and working on a Sunday. Any new starters will see a lower rate of pay for working unsociable hours, in a move designed to bring the retailer in line with competitors.

Who is Waitrose target audience?

Waitrose’s target is to meet the needs of the middle class that is looking for high quality product and top service. The Waitrose main competitor in the same segments are M&S and Sainsbury.

Are John Lewis and Waitrose cards the same?

At the moment, the two brands ‒ which are both part of the John Lewis Partnership ‒ operate separate loyalty schemes called My John Lewis and MyWaitrose. They are pretty popular schemes too, with around seven million MyWaitrose cardholders and 2.6 million My John Lewis cardholders.

How many stores Waitrose have?

331 Waitroses
Founded in 1904 by Wallace Waite, Arthur Rose and David Taylor, Waitrose began as a tiny grocery store in London before being taken over by John Lewis in 1937, gradually becoming Britain’s largest employee-owned retailer with 80,000 Partners. There are now 331 Waitroses, with groceries available from waitrose.com.

Where is the biggest Waitrose in Scotland?

Waitrose has just opened its fourth and largest Scottish store and announced plans for a fifth shop in Scotland, in Helensburgh. The 25,000 sq ft Newton Mearns store represents an expansion by the retailer in Scotland and is part of an ambitious UK-wide growth strategy by the employee-owned supermarket.

Who owns Waitrose now?

John Lewis Partnership
John Lewis & Partners
Waitrose Limited/Parent organizations

What discount do Waitrose employees get?

Once you’ve been with us for three months, you’ll get Partnership discount in store and online. That’s 25% off in John Lewis & Partners (12% off electrical products) and 20% in Waitrose & Partners. You’ll also be able to nominate someone you live with to share your discount.

What are the opening times of Waitrose Gloucester Road in London?

The regular opening times of Waitrose Gloucester Road in London are Monday to Friday 7:30AM-10PM, on Saturday 8AM-9PM, on Sunday 12AM-6PM.

Where is Waitrose located?

Waitrose is ideally positioned at 128 Gloucester Road, 2.55 miles west of the centre of London, in Kensington ( not far from Gloucester Road Station ). This supermarket looks forward to serving the patrons of The Marloes, Kensington Olympia, South Kensington, Brompton, West Brompton, Queen’s Elm Parade, Kensington Gardens and Imperial Wharf.

What is Waitrose doing to manage queues?

Waitrose also introduces dedicated marshals per store to help manage queues, reminding customers to keep a safe distance. Customers also can use online shopping. Waitrose is ideally positioned at 128 Gloucester Road, 2.55 miles west of the centre of London, in Kensington ( not far from Gloucester Road Station ).

Is Waitrose open over the August Bank Holiday weekend?

Waitrose will continue its normal hours over the August bank holiday. Sunday August 29 – 11am-5pm – or 10am-4pm, depending on location. Waitrose shops are open as usual, but all stores to manage the number of customers in our stores to help you keep a safe distance from others customers while you’re shopping.