Which caste is vanniyar?

Which caste is vanniyar?

About Vanniyars- They are found in the northern part of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Vanniyakula kshatriya community includes vanniyar, vanniya, vannia gounder, gounder, padayachi, palli and agnikula kshatriya. 28% population in Tamil Nadu and 65% population in Pondicherry belong to Vannia Kula Kshatriyar caste.

What does Naicker mean?

Nayakar, Nayakkar, Nayaker or Naicker is a title commonly used in the southern part of India by Kannada, Tamil and Telugu speaking people, sometimes as a surname and in other cases as a caste affiliation.

Is Naidu and Naicker are same?

Kammas use different titles in different regions such as Choudary, Rao, Naidu and Naicker. In Tamil Nadu and Southern A.P., Naidu is commonly used. Naicker is added in the areas south of Coimbatore district. However, Telugu speaking Balija and Gavara communities also add the title Naicker in Tamil Nadu.

Does MBC come under OBC?

MBC category refers to the backward class Christians and backward class Muslims of Tamilnadu. Not coming on to the following of MBC category in the OBC category- MBC will fall under OBC category when ones family income is less than 6 lakhs per annum. Otherwise they comes Under general category.

What is the difference between Gounder and Vanniyar?

Both of this community are not related at all actually.Gounders are cow herders and vanniyar were known as Palli before this and this community people are farmers. Gounder is title name refers to people of Kongu Vellala community!

What is the meaning of Vanniyar?

Not to be confused with Vanniar (Chieftain). The Vanniyar, also spelled Vanniya, formerly known as the Palli, are an Australoid Dravidian community or jāti found in the northern part of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

Who are the Vanniyars in Tamil Nadu?

Due to their population size and concentration, the Vanniyars wield significant political clout in northern Tamil Nadu. The Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK) is a political party was formed by S. Ramadoss from the Vanniyar Sangam, a caste association.

What is the official name of the Vanniyar caste in Kerala?

Vanniyar has many sub divisions based on money and lands such as in order – Naikar, Gounder,padayatchi,pali and etc. so Gounder is one of the sub-caste of Vanniyar. Government Gazetted name or official name for Vanniyars is Vanniya Kula Kshatriya How do I start a successful farm? Play for just 1 minute to find out.