Which God is the most dangerous assassins creed?

Which God is the most dangerous assassins creed?

Kassandra: There was a farmer attacked by a lion while he harvested his crops. An attack by a golden beast under the shining sun… Surely that is the work of Apollo, making him the more dangerous god.

What happens if you lie to Kyra?

Kyra is dead: You can lie to Thaletas about Kyra. If you reveal the truth to him, the Spartan will decide to leave the Silver Islands for good (picture12).

Can you tame the Kalydonian boar?

The first level of Beast Master skill allows you to tame wolves only. The game does not allow you to tame legendary animals associated with the Daughters of Artemis quest line (the first such animal is the Kalydonian boar). However, you can tame alpha males staying in lairs on the map.

What were slaves called in Sparta?


What is the difference between Athens and Sparta education?

Education In Athens, boys were educated to be good citizens. In Sparta, boys and girls alike were educated to protect the city-state. Spartan boys began their military training at age 7, and men served in the army until age 60. Women and Slaves In Athens, women and slaves had far fewer rights than men had.

Should I kill the monger in theater or cave?

This makes “Killing the Monger in Cave” the best option which not only helps you from losing a member but it also saves you from taking hard and avoidable decisions. However, without spoiling the game’s story for you to a great degree, it is advisable to kill the Monger in the Cave and not in the theatre.

What is the most powerful weapon in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey?

Top 10 Weapon Ranking

Rank Weapon
1 Minotaur’s Labrys
2 Sword of Damokles
3 Harpe of Perseus
4 Hades’s Bow

Can you kill whales in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey?

Well, there are all new creatures in Odyssey and you can still hunt them. There are bears, sharks, dolphins and even whales to see. Sharks we’d be less keen to see, but we were told when a ship sinks in the water they’ll draw in to eat the unfortunate soldiers who fall in.

Should you kill Daphne?

Kill Daphnae This is considered the good ending. At the end of it, you’ll get to honor Daphnae’s wishes, as she dies and you become the new leader of the group. Once Daphnae is defeated, the other daughters of Artemis don’t become hostile and the quest is completed.

Who killed the Calydonian boar?


How do you kill a Kalydonian boar?

The key to winning the battle is to put down the smaller boars for good. The way to do this is to paralyse them. The easiest way to paralyse enemies is by using Paralysing Arrows. This is an ability you unlock in the Hunter skill tree, so have an Ability Point spare (by levelling up or visiting a Tomb), then unlock it.

Can you do a conquest battle in Attika?

Nope. You can’t trigger conquest battles in Attika and Lakonia, both regions don’t even have the battlefield locations for conquest battles. Makes sense historically speaking because the game takes place around 431-425 BCE and the city of Athens didn’t surrender to Sparta until 404 BCE.