Which is the No 1 tiles company in India?

Which is the No 1 tiles company in India?

Kajaria Ceramics
Top 10 Tiles Companies In India As Per Production Capacity

Sr. No Tile Company Production Capacity 2019 (MSN)
1 Kajaria Ceramics 68.35
2 Somany Ceramics 52.86
3 HSIL 7.12
4 Grindwell Norton 20.06

Which is the best ceramic tiles in India?

Top 10+ Tiles Brand in India 2019-2020 As per Revenue

Sr.No. Tiles Brand in India Revenue
1 Kajaria Ceramics Ltd Rs 2,523.18 Cr
2 HSIL Ltd Rs 1,852.29 Cr
3 HR Johnson tiles Rs 1822.00 Cr
4 Somany Ceramics Ltd Rs 1,733.00 Cr

Which brand is best for tiles in India?

Top Tile Brands In India Worth Considering in 2021

  • Orient Bell. Orient Bell is one of the top tile brands in India, offering several tiles in different shapes and forms.
  • Kajaria. Kajaria is the 8th largest tile manufacturer in the world and is one of the best tile brands in India.
  • Somany.
  • Nitco.
  • HR Johnson.
  • Cera.

Which ceramic company is best?

Top 10 Tiles Companies in India

  • Kajaria Ceramics Ltd.
  • Asian Granito India Ltd.
  • Bajaj Tiles.
  • Cera Sanitaryware Ltd.
  • Nitco Ltd.
  • Orient Bell Ltd.
  • Rak Ceramics India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Simpolo Vitrified Pvt. Ltd.

Which is best floor tiles in India?

Top 5 Vitrified Tiles Companies In India

  • Kajaria.
  • Somany.
  • Nitco.
  • Simpolo.
  • Varmora.

Which is costly ceramic tiles or vitrified tiles?

Vitrified tiles because of their stronger characteristics are expensive. Ceramic Tiles are cheaper compared to vitrified tiles.

Which is better Kajaria or Somany?

PAT Margin of Kajaria cearmics is 7.75%. While the percentage of PAT margin for Somany is 2.73% and for Asian Granito is 1.74%. We can see a considerable difference in the PAT margin percentage figures of Kajaria and Somany and Asian Granito. So, here also, Kajaria ceramics is a clear winner.

Which is better Rak or Kajaria?

Am getting different opinions like RAK is very superior in terms of durability, sharp edge/joints etc. Also some other folks are saying that Johnson/Kajaria are also very good. If any of you know , any major difference in quality , please share it.

Which is the largest ceramic tiles manufacturer in India?

Asian Granito is one of the largest manufacturers of Ceramic tiles, Vitrified tiles, Outdoor tiles, Engineered Marble and Quartz stone in India. Headquartered in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. It is one of the top 10 tiles companies in India. It is among top ceramic companies in India

Which are the top 10 tile companies in India 2021?

Top 10 Tiles Companies in India 2021 1 Kajaria Ceramics Ltd 2 Somany Ceramics Ltd 3 Grindwell Norton Ltd 4 Asian Granito India Ltd 5 Cera Sanitaryware Limited 6 HSIL Ltd (BUILDING PRODUCTS DIVISION) 7 Nitco Limited

What are the primary products of tiles India?

The company’s primary products contain ceramic floor tile and ceramic wall tiles, glazed vitrified tile, polished vitrified tiles, HD digital tiles, and elevation tiles. The company has a large sales network of more than 4000 retailers across India.

Where can I Buy branded floor tiles for a house in India?

If you wish to provide your home a pleasing look, then Nitco Ltd will be the decent option for branded floor tiles for a house in India. Nitco provides you a wide range of Engineered marbles, ceramic tiles, HD digital tiles, Highlighters, Gres Porcelain tiles, mosaic tiles, and vitrified tiles.