Who are the dancers in the Azonto video?

Who are the dancers in the Azonto video?

The dancers, Kwabena Benko, and Tracy Selasi, both 24, were taking part in a competition launched by the artist Fuse ODG for people to download his single Antenna Dance and record themselves dancing to it.

What is odg dance?

The dance, which “involves a set of hand movements that mimic everyday activities..to embrace depictions of ironing, washing, driving, boxing, grooming, praying, swimming,” was performed by real life fans of Fuse ODG in the music video which accompanied the single.

Where is Fuse ODG from?

TootingFuse ODG / Place of birthTooting is a district of South London, England, forming part of the London Borough of Wandsworth and partly in the London Borough of Merton. It is located 5 miles south south-west of Charing Cross. Wikipedia

Who sings Antenna?

Fuse ODGAntenna / ArtistNana Richard Abiona, better known by his stage name Fuse ODG, is a British-Ghanaian singer and rapper. He is best known for his singles “Antenna” and “Dangerous Love”, and for featuring on Major Lazer’s “Light It Up”. Wikipedia

What is Shoki dance?

Shoki which is a Yoruba slang for getting down with the opposite sex or in one word ‘quickie’ has since its inception gone round like wildfire. Cutting across all tribes in Nigeria, the Shoki dance is apparently here to stay.

Has any Ghanaian won a Grammy Award?

His sixth studio album titled Branches of The Same Tree was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album in December 2015 for the 58th Annual Grammy Awards, released 31 March 2015 making him the first nominee from his home country of Ghana….

Rocky Dawuni
Website www.rockydawuni.com

What is Fuse ODG doing now?

Although the musical accomplishments of Afrobeat pioneer Fuse ODG are significant, the Grammy and MOBO award-winning star is on a mission much bigger than his music. Now a global star, he is using his platform to rebuild the image of Africa, both within the continent and throughout the world.

What’s another word for antenna?

In this page you can discover 25 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for antenna, like: aerial, rabbit-ears, feeler, sensor, omnidirectional, , waveguide, multimode, transceiver, coaxial and loudspeaker.

Is antenna plural or singular?

The plural noun form of “antenna” comes in two flavors: “antennas” and “antennae.” If you look up antenna in an English dictionary, you’ll see that the plural, antennas, is used to refer to electrical instruments, and antennae, to the protuberances found on the heads of insects.