Who bought Interwoven?

Who bought Interwoven?

The combined company will become the largest in the legal information management industry. In a move to beef up its enterprise and compliance search capabilities, Autonomy will acquire Interwoven for $775 million.

What happened to Interwoven?

At present, it is owned, maintained, marketed by OpenText, a company that acquired it from Hewlett-Packard on May 1, 2016. Interwoven was founded in 1995, and acquired by Autonomy Corporation on March 17, 2009.

Which one of these is not a WCMS?

Answer. According to the given options, option (D)- SDL Tridion is not an open source WCMS. WCMS (Web Content Management System) is a software CMS that is specifically designed for web content.

What is TeamSite LiveSite?

Make Your Website Responsive for Various Digital Channels Using TeamSite and LiveSite. Enabled the marketing team to update and publish website content independently without any dependency on the development team or the need to understand HTML coding.

Is autonomy owned by HP?

Though the company is integrating into HP Software, Autonomy remains a separate operational business. In 2017, HP sold its Autonomy assets, as part of a wider deal, to the British software company Micro Focus.

What happened to HPE autonomy?

September 2017: HPE finally sells its software business, of which Autonomy assets make up a small part, to UK-based Micro Focus International. HPE receives $2.5 billion in cash from Micro Focus, while its shareholders receive Micro Focus shares worth around $6.3 billion.

Why did hp shut down autonomy?

Rather than selling software to customers, HP said, Autonomy had been selling them hardware at a loss, then booking the sales as software licensing revenue. That discovery forced HP to write down the value of Autonomy by more than $5 billion, triggering a wave of shareholder lawsuits.

Who is the founder of autonomy?

1996: Lynch sets up Autonomy Corporation in the UK. Its Agentware internet search tools are used by enterprises including Barclays Bank and Unilever and sold as shrink-wrapped software through retail outlets.