Who does Matt Berger skate for?

Who does Matt Berger skate for?

Flip Skateboards
Matt turned pro for Flip Skateboards in 2015 and had a good year in SLS with two more top-ten finishes.

Who is Matthew Berger?

Matt Berger (born October 10, 1993) is a Canadian skateboarder, competing in the street discipline….Matt Berger.

Personal information
Born October 10, 1993 Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada
Height 183 cm (6 ft 0 in)
Weight 82 kg (181 lb)
hide Medal record Men’s Skateboarding Representing Canada

How did Matt Berger do in Olympics?

Matt Berger could not find his groove on Saturday at the postponed 2020 Olympic Summer Games in Tokyo. The 27-year-old Kamloops product placed last (20th) in the qualification round in the men’s street skateboarding competition, finishing with a total score of 4.02.

Do people skateboard in Canada?

Just like everywhere else, skateboarding in Canada is more popular than ever. In a nation with a population of a mere 30-million people, there are approximately 900,000 skateboarders throughout its ten provinces and three territories.

Is skateboarding popular in Korea?

Just 35 miles from the DMZ, skateboarding in Seoul is thriving. Seoul is the only city I’ve ever encountered that has as many skate spots as skaters. A mere 35 miles from the DMZ, Seoul has thousands of smooth marble ledges with nothing but a bit of air pollution and the city’s notorious dust standing in the way.

Is skateboarding big in Canada?

Can you skate in Korea?

According to Patrik Wallner of VisualTraveling who travelled twice to North Korea, skateboarding is not “tolerated” in the streets of the country.

Is skateboarding big in Korea?

While South Korea’s skate scene is small, it’s been growing rapidly. After all, it’s only been six years since a Korean skater first qualified for an international pro event.

Is skateboarding popular in America?

Although it’s now a global phenomenon, skateboarding has a very specific place in American popular culture.

Is skateboarding legal in North Korea?

Can I skate in Korea?

Can you skateboard in South Korea?