Who does scout think the stranger in the corner is?

Who does scout think the stranger in the corner is?

Summary: Chapter 29 When Scout gets to the point in the story where Jem was picked up and carried home, she turns to the man in the corner and really looks at him for the first time. He is pale, with torn clothes and a thin, pinched face and colorless eyes. She realizes that it is Boo Radley.

What does Atticus mean when he refers to Maycomb’s usual disease PDF 16 at the end of the chapter?

The “usual disease” that Atticus refers to is Maycomb’s prejudice and racism.

Why is Atticus the hero in To Kill a Mockingbird?

Atticus Finch is a heroic character in To Kill A Mockingbird. A hero is a person who is known for certain achievements and qualities. Atticus Finch is a hero because he defended a black man in court, proved his abilities and intelligences, and cared for everybody equally.

What type of clown does Dill decide to be?

What kind of clown does Dill decide to be? Dill decides to be a clown that laughs at people- not the other way around. He wants to be this kind of clown because he believes the only thing you can do with people is laugh at them and their odd ways- which he is already doing.

Why is Bob Ewell so mad at Atticus?

Bob Ewell is angry because Atticus Finch has proven him a liar before the citizens of Maycomb who are present at the trial. His threat to “get even” with Atticus Finch is a real one and, because he is unconscionable, he will probably do something underhanded in order to avenge himself.

What is Atticus’s old nickname?


What does Atticus value in To Kill a Mockingbird?

Atticus shows many values throughout the book, such as justice, respect, corage, equality between white and black people, and being a good father for Scout and Jem Finch, which comes under responsibility. Atticus is also the moral main character. One of the values that Atticus Finch possesses is justice.

Is Jem a good brother?

Jem is a protective brother who tries his best to take care of Scout and offers her advice at different times throughout the novel. Jem is often selfless and does not hesitate to share with Scout.

What does Atticus mean by Maycombs usual disease?

We first become aware of Atticus’s blind spot when he explains the Robinson case to his brother. It is essentially a lost cause thanks to “Maycomb’s usual disease.” “Why reasonable people go stark raving mad,” he laments, “when anything involving a Negro comes up, is something I don’t pretend to understand.” (p.

Who does Atticus say killed the children’s attacker?

Hover for more information. mwestwood, M.A. Atticus is convinced that it was Jem who killed Bob Ewell during Bob’s retaliatory attack upon the children. In Chapter 30 of To Kill a Mockingbird, Sheriff Tate, Atticus, Scout, and Boo Radley sit on the porch while, in the bedroom, Dr.

Why does Atticus let Scout listen to his conversation with Jack?

One reason is that he wants to chastise her for her “hotheadedness” because Atticus is worried about what is coming up. He uses his conversation with Jack to voice some concerns; he hopes that Scout will pick up on them, and take them more to heart than if he had given her a direct lecture.

What does Atticus tell Jack he hopes Scout and Jem will do instead of listening to the town?

What does Atticus tell jack he hopes Jem and Scout will do instead of listening to the town? Atticus tells the children they’re not supposed to kill mockingbirds because doing so is a sin.

What does Dill say he was going to be when he grew up?


How is Jem immature?

At the beginning of the story Jem is seen as a childish character as shown through his actions of accpeting all dares without thinking of the consequences. As the story progresses, Jem aquires moral courage allowing him to make more calm and mature decisions.

How does JEM show he is growing up in Chapter 14?

In Chapter 14, after Scout gets an attitude with Aunt Alexandra, Jem tries to tell her that she needs to stop antagonizing Alexandra for the sake of Atticus. Jem is displaying his maturation by understanding his father’s growing anxiety due to the upcoming trial, and attempts to discuss his sister’s attitude.

Why is Boo in Jem’s room?

Who is the stranger standing in the corner of Jem’s room? Why might he be there? Boo Radley, he was there because he saw the accident.