Who has the best 3PT in NBA 2K21?

Who has the best 3PT in NBA 2K21?

The player with the highest 3-Point Attribute Rating among current players on NBA 2K22 is Stephen Curry. He is followed by Joe Harris in second place, while Kevin Durant is third. Below is the list of top 100 current players with the best 3-Point Attribute on NBA 2K22. 1.

Who is the best 3p shooter in the NBA?

Stephen Curry (2,977) has passed Ray Allen for the most threes in NBA history (2,973) after a 5-14 shooting performance against the New York Knicks, an incredible feat considering Steph is only 33 years old with plenty of time to continue adding to his incredible record.

Who is the best 3 point shooter in the game?

Top 15 Best 3 point shooters in NBA of All Time

  1. Top 1: Stephen Curry.
  2. Top 2: Klay Thompson.
  3. Top 3: Ray Allen.
  4. Top 4: Larry Bird.
  5. Top 5: Reggie Miller.
  6. Top 6: Kevin Durant.
  7. Top 7: Dirk Nowitzki.
  8. Top 8: Steve Kerr.

Who is the best 3 point shooter 2019?

2019-20 Regular Season

Rk Player (Team) 3-Pointers Made
1 James Harden (Rockets) 299
2 Buddy Hield (Kings) 271
3 Damian Lillard (Trail Blazers) 270

What 3pt do you need to green 2K22?

Minimum 3 Point Rating Required For Shoot Consistently in NBA 2K22

  1. Make % Per 3 Point Rating Level.
  2. Make % for 80, 75, + 70 3 Point Ratings.
  3. Average Make % Throughout Green Windows for Multiple 3 Point Ratings.

Who has the best 3 point rating in 2K20?

NBA 2K20: All the best 3 point shooters – Curry, Harris, Green &…

  • Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors.
  • Joe Harris, Brooklyn Nets.
  • Danny Green, Miami Heat.
  • Buddy Hield, Sacramento Kings.
  • Bojan Bogdanovic, Utah Jazz.
  • Klay Thompson, Golden State Warriors.
  • JJ Redick, New Orleans Pelicans.

Who made the most threes in a game?

What is the NBA record for most 3-pointers in a game?

  • Klay Thompson, 2018: 14.
  • Stephen Curry, 2016: 13.
  • Zach Lavine, 2019: 13.
  • Kobe Bryant, 2003: 12.
  • Donyell Marshall, 2005: 12.

Who is the best pure shooter in NBA history?

Steph Curry becomes greatest NBA shooter of all time

  • Reggie Miller: 2,560.
  • James Harden: 2,509.
  • Kyle Korver: 2,450.

What is a good dunk rating 2K22?

A player must have at least an 84 in driving dunk and 70 or higher in vertical ratings to complete a pro contact dunk or alley-oop. They also should have at least a 92 in standing dunk and 80 or more in their vertical ratings to complete elite dunk packages, such as poster dunks and 360-degree jams.

Which MyTEAM card in NBA 2K20 has the highest 3-point shooting attribute?

It’s only right that the MyTeam card in NBA 2K20 with the highest 3-point shooting attribute is Jesus Shuttlesworth himself, Ray Allen. He’s the only card in the entire mode with a 99 rating from the 3-point line. The card overall is a 99 overall and is deadly from literally anywhere on the court.

What is Kevin Price’s 3-point rating on 2K?

As a 2x NBA 3-point shot contest winner, the people at 2K honored Price with a 3-point rating of 98. One might question how Klay Thompson has a MyTeam card with a higher 3-point rating than his teammate Stephen Curry, but it’s only due to the card itself being a 97 overall.

What is Klay Thompson’s 3-point rating in the NBA?

The Steph Curry card mentioned earlier in the list is a 95 overall with a 97 rating for 3-point shots, so if the Klay Thompson card was a 95 overall chances are his 3-point rating would be below Curry’s.

Why is Steve Kerr so good at 3-point shooting?

Perhaps when Kerr was helping the Bulls and Spurs win championships, he envisioned how a splurge of 3-point shooting can change the way the game is played. Kerr was the most reliable role player of his generation when it came to 3-point shooting.