Who owns warnham Deer Park?

Who owns warnham Deer Park?

Jonathan Lucas
Jonathan Lucas, owner of the 215-acre Warnham Deer Park, would regularly see Poseidon strutting gracefully across the stunning, Oak-laden Deer Park with the crow chipping away at the antlers which held considerable value; Jonathan had once turned down £10,000 from a Norwegian marksman wanting to claim the trophy.

Can you walk through warnham Deer Park?

Enjoy a plesant walk around Warnham Nature Reserve and Warnham Park on this easy route near Horsham. Highlights on the walk include the variety of wildlife in the reserve and the wonderful herd of red deer in Warnham Park. The route runs for a distance of just over 4 miles on a series of fairly flat footpaths.

Where is Warnham Park and what is it now?

The park extends primarily east and south of the gardens. The ground to the north and east (outside the area here registered) which falls gently down to the public roads and Warnham Court Farm, and which was imparked for a period in the late C19 and early C20, has reverted to agricultural use and is currently (1998) under arable cultivation.

Is Warnham a Roffey estate?

An unidentified estate called the manor of WARNHAM descended with Roffey manor in Horsham in the Hoo and Copley families between 1457-8 and 1616, and may represent lands in Warnham held of Roffey. (fn. 111) It is not heard of later.

Who owns Warnham Court?

Charles Thomas Lucas bought Warnham Court in 1865, when there were only 30 Red Deer in the park. With his son, Charles James Lucas, Charles Thomas expanded the estate, purchasing many properties including Warnham Place Farm from Sir P.F. Shelley (the son of the great poet).

Where is Warnham Court in Horsham?

Extended with a wild garden in the early 20th century, the gardens are surrounded by a 19th-century park. Warnham Court is situated on the west side of the A24 and the town of Horsham, and to the immediate south-east of Warnham village.