Who played Beverly on Eureka?

Who played Beverly on Eureka?

Debrah FarentinoBeverly Barlowe / Played byDebrah Farentino is an American actress, producer and journalist. She began her career starring in the CBS daytime soap opera Capitol from 1982 to 1987, before moving to prime time with a female leading role in the ABC comedy drama series Hooperman. Wikipedia

Who was Beverly Barlowe in Eureka?

Debrah Farentino

Character Portrayed by Seasons
Dr. Beverly Barlowe Debrah Farentino Main
Dr. Henry Deacon Joe Morton Main
Josephina “Jo” Lupo Erica Cerra Recurring

What happens to Beverly Barlowe?

When Grace is arrested for this, he goes to Beverly for help before her trial. She seems reluctant but after Jack comes out of the last wormhole (“Just Another Day”) a car pulls up and Grace walks out….

Beverly Barlowe
Gender Female
Occupation Psychotherapist, B&B Operator
Status Alive
Parents Adam Barlowe (Father)

Is Debrah Farentino related to James Farentino?

Mr. Farentino’s marriages to the actresses Elizabeth Ashley, Michele Lee and Deborah Mullowney (now known as Debrah Farentino) ended in divorce.

What is the consortium in Eureka?

The Consortium was originally founded by Trevor Grant in the 1940s and later re-built by Adam Barlowe as a ‘consortium’ of scientists and politicians who sought to control and guide scientific development to avert major tragedies.

Does Henry come back to Eureka?

At the end of the episode “Purple Haze”, he reveals that everyone feeds off of him and he decided to leave Eureka. This causes conflict, especially between him and Nathan Stark, which shows up in the next episode “H.O.U.S.E. Rules”. However, in the end he decides to stay in Eureka.

Who is Debrah Farentino married to?

Gregory Hoblitm. 1994–2009
Tony Adamsm. 1992–1994James Farentinom. 1985–1988Scott Staplesm. 1979–1983
Debrah Farentino/Spouse

Who was married to James Farentino?

Stella Farentinom. 1994–2012
Debrah Farentinom. 1985–1988Michele Leem. 1966–1983Elizabeth Ashleym. 1962–1965
James Farentino/Spouse

Why did Eureka get rid of Nathan Stark?

Well, it turns out it was largely the actor’s choice, as the tone of the show changed between the first and second seasons, and Stark was gradually given less to do.

Who is Beverly Barlowe and why is she famous?

Beverly Barlowe served as the town psychotherapist and ran a local bed and breakfast. Her résumé includes working with high-profile clients such as diplomats, politicians, and even US Presidents.

Who is Mary Steenburgen-Barlow?

Her résumé includes working with high-profile clients such as diplomats, politicians, and even US Presidents. She has had some connections with an unknown and apparently shady group, as she killed Walter Perkins ‘ cloned wife and helped him to get the parts for his tachyon accelerator.

Who is the actress who plays Debra Mullowney?

Nicole Gardner (as Debra Mullowney) – Act Six – “Are You in Trouble with the Law?” (2017) (producer) – EZ Streets (2008) Self – Joanna Kerns (2000) Self – Interviewee – Episode #5.76 (1997) Self – Back in the Saddle (2003) Claire Debreno (uncredited) Did You Know?