Who was the captain general of the revolutionary Philippine Army?

Who was the captain general of the revolutionary Philippine Army?

Gen. Artemio Ricarte
Philippine Revolutionary Army

Philippine Revolutionary Army Ejército Revolucionario Filipino Panghimagsikang Hukbong Katihan ng Pilipinas
President Su Excelencia Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo
Commanding General Gen. Artemio Ricarte (1897–1899) Gen. Antonio Luna (1899)

What is the Philippines revolution?

Philippine Revolution, (1896–98), Filipino independence struggle that, after more than 300 years of Spanish colonial rule, exposed the weakness of Spanish administration but failed to evict Spaniards from the islands.

Who is the youngest general of the Philippine Revolutionary Army *?

Manuel Tinio y Bundoc
Manuel Tinio y Bundoc (June 17, 1877 – February 22, 1924) was the youngest General of the Philippine Revolutionary Army, and was elected Governor of the Province of Nueva Ecija, Republic of the Philippines in 1907.

What are the contribution of Antonio Luna?

Antonio Luna de San Pedro y Novicio-Ancheta (October 29, 1866 – June 5, 1899), an Ilocano born in Manila, was a Filipino pharmacist and general who fought in the Philippine–American War. He was also the founder of the Philippines’s first military academy, which existed during the First Philippine Republic.

What started the Philippine Revolution?

The revolution against Spain was sparked in 1896 after Spanish authorities discovered the “Katipunan,” a Filipino revolutionary society plotting against their colonisers. It ended in 1902, where Spain lost and ceded sovereignty of the Philippines to the United States.

When did the Philippine Revolution begin?

The Philippine Revolution began in August 1896, when the Spanish authorities discovered the Katipunan, an anti-colonial secret organization.

What is the history of the Philippine Revolutionary Navy?

The Philippine Revolutionary Navy was established during the second phase of the Philippine Revolution when General Emilio Aguinaldo formed the Revolutionary Navy. On May 1, 1898, the first ship handed by Admiral George Dewey to the Revolutionary Navy is a small pinnace from the Reina Cristina of Admiral Patricio Montojo, which was named Magdalo.

Who was the Supreme Commander of the Philippine Revolutionary Army?

Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo, the Supreme Commander of the Philippine Revolutionary Army. Group showing General Manuel Tinio (seated, center), General Benito Natividad (seated, 2nd from right), Lt. Col. Jose Alejandrino (seated, 2nd from left), and their aides-de-camp.

How did the Battle of Cavite affect the Philippine Revolution?

This battle eventually liberated Cavite from Spanish colonial control and led to the first time the modern flag of the Philippines being unfurled in victory. Public jubilation marked Aguinaldo’s return. Many Filipino enlisted men deserted local Spanish army units to join Aguinaldo’s command and the Philippine Revolution against Spain resumed.