Why did Arizona State change their logo?

Why did Arizona State change their logo?

According to ASU, the objectives of the re-branding project were “to create a bold, high- performance athletic image and a promotional campaign that would maximize enthusiasm and interest in supporting the university, but to do so with minimum out-of-pocket costs.” The Nike Graphic Identity Group developed the new ASU …

What team has the pitchfork?

Arizona State pitchfork logo looks like a candle, per Herm Edwards – SBNation.com.

Where can you find the iconic Pitchfork statue?

Sun Devil Stadium
The 6-foot, 3-inch-tall bronze pitchfork sits at the southeast entrance of the newly renovated Sun Devil Stadium, a symbol of school spirit and the perfect place for fan photos.

What is Arizona State’s logo?

Sparky the Sun Devil
Sparky the Sun Devil performing in 2019
University Arizona State University
Conference Pac-12
First seen September 21, 1951

Who designed ASU Sparky?

employee Berk Anthony
Sparky was designed by artist and former Disney employee Berk Anthony in the late 1940s. But he was designed as a logo, not a mascot. Sparky didn’t appear “in the flesh” until 1951, when he showed up at games wearing a satin jumpsuit with a long tail and carrying a pitchfork.

Is Arizona State University LGBT friendly?

Arizona State University promotes a campus that is open, safe and supportive by providing educational opportunities and advocacy programs that empower students of all gender identities and sexual orientations, and their allies, to thrive in an inclusive and affirming academic and campus environment.

Is a Sun Devil a real animal?

A Sun Devil isn’t an animal or something like that, it is actually a weather phenonenon, also known as a whirlwind, or Dust Devil. This is caused by super-heated air above a sun-baked ground that rises into cooler air.