Why did you choose to be an anesthesiologist?

Why did you choose to be an anesthesiologist?

A. I love my job because I find medicine exciting and challenging. I have to use technical skills to perform procedures on patients, I have to use intellectual skills to problem solve, and I have to use personal skills to help patients get through the anxiety of surgery, anesthesia and sometimes the pain afterward. 3.

What should my major be if I want to be an anesthesiologist?

Most aspiring Anesthesiologists major in Pre-Medicine, Biology, or Chemistry. However, some Anesthesiologists obtain Liberal Arts Degrees. If you pursue a non-medical major, you should still complete relevant courses such as Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

Why is it so hard to be an anesthesiologist?

Completing med school is four years of hard studying. Residency is four years of long hours at the hospital. After that the anesthesiology board exams are another year of studying. So it’s hard, the hours are long and it takes years to do it.

Is it worth it to be an anesthesiologist?

If the reward of working with a surgeon to save someone’s life, change someone’s life for the better, knowing that you had a significant part to play in the care of a patient without receiving recognition, or being able to help comfort a person in chronic pain with procedures or pharmacology are value to you, then yes.

Are Anesthesiologists rich?

Anesthesiologists are highly paid medical professionals, with an average income that exceeds all others in the field. In fact, the average pay for anesthesiologists is about $1,175 more per month than the second-highest paid medical professionals – surgeons.