Why do profiles on POF disappear?

Why do profiles on POF disappear?

When someone’s profile picture disappears on POF, it means that their account has been deleted. This could be because the person has deleted their account, or because POF has removed the account for violating their terms of service.

What happens when POF deletes your account?

When someone deletes their POF profile, it is removed from the site. The person would no longer be able to log in to the account or access any of the information stored on the account.

Can POF block you?

For now, POF can’t block or ban your IP, but it can delete profiles that violated their Community Rules. Also, they can deny your email address from registering on the platform ever again. They do so to protect their users from false profiles a variety of scams.

How do I get unblocked from POF?

Step 1: Log in to your Plenty of Fish account. Step 2: Now, go to the address bar of your browser and copy-paste this URL: here . Step 3: A list of the blocked users will be on your screen. Step 4: Check the box in front of the POF username you want to unblock.

Why did my POF account get deleted?

It can be frustrating having your POF account deleted, particularly if you’ve spent some time and effort writing out your profile and customizing it to your liking. According to the POF blog there are six reasons your profile can get deleted 1. You are looking for casual sex 2. You’re married and not separated 3.

How do I Delete my POF profile?

To delete your POF profile: Click here., and fill out your username, password, and reason for leaving. Please note that once you have deleted your account it cannot be reactivated, so we urge you to reconsider! For some great tips on how to make your profile more desirable, click here.

Will plenty of fish Delete my account?

In the most literal sense – if you’re using Plenty of Fish to try and scam, spam, or impersonate someone else, your account will be deleted. This goes for creating multiple accounts as well, or trying to access or use an account that isn’t yours.

Why is my PlentyofFish account being flagged and deleted?

You login from a country where PlentyOfFish doesn’t exist yet. PlentyOfFish is always expanding into new markets, but if you do login from a country where we don’t yet have a presence, your account may be flagged and deleted. If none of the above apply to you, it is possible that you may have deleted mistakenly (although this is rare).