Why is it important to use credible sources in academic writing?

Why is it important to use credible sources in academic writing?

It is important to use credible sources in an academic research paper because your audience will expect you to have backed up your assertions with credible evidence. The same situation holds true if you are writing a research paper.

What is historiography example?

Simply put, we learned that historiography refers to the history of history. For example, studying the way historians all over the world recorded the discovery of America, and how and why this has changed over time, would be an example of historiography.

What is a historiographical analysis?

A historiography (noun) or historiographical paper is an analysis of the interpretations of a specific topic written by past historians. Specifically, a historiography identifies influential thinkers and reveals the shape of the scholarly debate on a particular subject.

What is historiography method?

What is Historiography? Historiography relates to the study of writing history. It “describes historical arguments, theories, and interpretations over time, how schools of thought on particular events change over time”. (

Is historiographical a word?

noun, plural his·to·ri·og·ra·phies. the body of techniques, theories, and principles of historical research and presentation; methods of historical scholarship.

What are credible sources for a research paper?

Generally, materials that have been published within the past 10 years are considered to be credible sources for research. Another important factor to consider is the author — if they are well known and respected in their specific fields, that’s also generally a sign that the article is credible.

What should be included in a historiography?

Like all interpretive and argumentative essays, a historiographical essay should have an introduction defining its subject and offering a preview of the following argument, and it should end with a conclusion in which you look back over what you have said, summarize your most important findings, and leave the reader …

What is a historiographical approach?

“Making the Macintosh” is principally an effort at documentation. Its electronic archive consists of material from collections at Stanford, and newly-published material from the private collections of people involved in the history of the Macintosh.