Why is my TomTom watch not working?

Why is my TomTom watch not working?

If the device will not turn on and the screen continues to be black then a possible underlying cause for your screen not turning on would be that you have a faulty charger. To check if that it is a faulty charger, you need to plug the watch into the charger. Once the watch turns on, continue to let the watch charge.

Are TomTom watches still supported?

While the company is getting out of wearable tech and action cams, it says it will still “sell consumer sports products” and support the customers who buy them. This likely means that TomTom will continue to sell whatever it has, and if you buy it you shouldn’t worry because it’ll still support it – for now.

Why won’t my TomTom watch connect to my phone?

If you are upgrading your Android™ device version, then you usually have to fully un-pair and re-pair your watch. Note : If you have trouble pairing your watch, the first thing to try is to go to the phone’s Bluetooth® settings and unpair your TomTom watch before following the steps above again.

Why is my TomTom watch not charging?

when your watch isn’t charging or isn’t connecting with your computer, this means you haven’t properly inserted it into the dock. In this case, the contact points of the cable aren’t making a sufficient contact with the sports watch itself.

How do I connect my TomTom to my PHONE?

Connecting a smartphone

  1. On your smartphone, download and install the TomTom MyDrive app from tomtom.com/mydriveapp.
  2. Open the MyDrive app.
  3. Switch on Bluetooth on your phone, and make sure your phone is discoverable.
  4. On your TomTom GO, open the Main Menu and select Settings.
  5. Select Bluetooth.
  6. Select Add Phone.

How do I get my TomTom Bandit repaired?

To get your TomTom Bandit repaired you need to contact us . You need to select your device and then select the category ‘Repairs and replacements’. When we book in a device to be repaired, we give you a repair number (RMA), explain the repair process, and send you an email confirmation.

How do I get my TomTom sports watch repaired?

If the issue is with the strap for your Sport Watch, and not with the watch module itself, you can Request a replacement strap for your TomTom Sports watch To get your watch repaired you need to contact us .

What happens if my TomTom watch is out of warranty?

If the warranty has expired, you are charged a fee for the device repair. Find the Out of warranty repair fee . If your TomTom watch is not working properly, a reset will usually solve this. Select your device below for specific instructions: If a reset doesn’t solve the issue, your device may need to be repaired.

How do I upload activities from my TomTom Runner or multi-sport?

Upload activities from your TomTom Runner or Multi-Sport GPS Watch using the TomTom MySports Connect or TomTom MySports mobile application. 105008 Runkeeper users also use this app