Why the minimum wage should be raised to 15?

Why the minimum wage should be raised to 15?

Raising the federal minimum wage to $ would lift wages for over 33 million workers. The increase would boost total annual wages for these low-wage workers by $92.5 billion, lifting annual earnings for the average affected year-round worker by $2,800.

Is minimum wage a good thing?

Raising the minimum wage increases consumer spending and boosts the economy. A study by Doug Hall and David Cooper estimated that a $2.55 increase in the minimum wage would increase the earnings of low-wage workers by $40 billion and result in a significant increase in GDP and employment.

How do I get out of minimum wage job?

Here is my list of ten ways to stay trapped in the minimum wage job.Don’t look for opportunities with your employer. Don’t do your best. Don’t move to places with higher wages. Think negative – this reduces motivation to find a new job which pays better.Get fired. Leave school early, or be a single parent.

How can I get more than minimum wage?

10 Tips To Make More Than Minimum WageStart Your Own Business. Start A Blog. Become A Freelancer. Start An Ecommerce Business. Teach Music Lessons.Don’t Let Job Requirements Deter You.Network Like Crazy.Don’t Be Entitled.Work With A Recruiter.Ask For A Raise.Eliminate Distractions.Expand Your Job Search To Multiple Industries.