Why was Latin so complicated?

Why was Latin so complicated?

Many people are tempted to say Latin was more complex because it has features English lacks: gender, full case system, intricate conjugation of verbs. But that’s too quick, because English has complications that Latin doesn’t have. In English it is extremely important where words are placed in a sentence.

Is English a precise language?

Definitely English and the Germanic languages feel more precise than the Romance languages (especially Portuguese or even Spanish). Spanish loses some precision in not including pronouns often times (although it’s easily deduced from context). They compensate for this with very technical and annoying grammar.

Which is the beautiful language in South India?


Are some languages more advanced than others?

The idea of a language being “more advanced” is rejected by linguists. There is actually some interest in developing a scientific notion of linguistic complexity, but there isn’t any way to make meaningful statements about complexity of a language.

Is English an expressive language?

Today Modern English is a very simple language, with a very simple grammar. English is not just less expressive, is very ambiguous as well, difficult to distinguish.

What is concise language?

Concise language entails using a minimal amount of effective words to make one’s point. Writers often include words in their sentences that are unnecessary and could be omitted in order to make the sentence more concise. But, in ac- tuality, what happens is the sentence is too wordy and non-specific.

Which is the world’s first language?

Tamil language

Is Latin more precise than English?

“ It’s a different grammar, but there’s neither more nor less of it. For what it’s worth, it’s the way Greek would say the same thing — and Greek was admired by the Romans for (you’ve guessed it) its sophisticated grammar. Latin is more precise than English.

Is French more precise than English?

The French do universally believe that French is more precise than English (or any other language). All languages are precise when spoken or written with precision, and any concept can be expressed, eventually, in any language. But French is certainly no more precise than any other language.

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Which language has the most difficult grammar?


What is the most structured language?


Which is the most precise language?

English language

What is the most grammatically consistent language?