Why wont my Ford Transit Connect start?

Why wont my Ford Transit Connect start?

Weak Or Dead Battery A dead battery is the most common reason a vehicle doesn’t start. If your Ford Transit doesn’t crank when you turn the key in the ignition, then there is a high chance the battery is dead. What is this? Test the battery charge to confirm this is the problem.

How do I reset my transit Immobiliser?

Here are the steps to take to do this 30-minute reset:

  1. Connect a charger or jump-starter pack to your battery to give it some extra power. Then turn on the ignition so that the dashboard of your vehicle lights up.
  2. Wait for 30 to 35 minutes for this process to reset the immobilizer.

How do you reset the ECU on a Ford Transit?

Disconnect the leads to the battery for 20 minutes. Reconnect the lead to the battery. Then drive normally, accelerating steadily up to 4,000rpm through the gears if possible. This resets the ECU and it will then re-learn fuelling and other features.

How do I reset my Ford Transit anti theft system?


  1. Insert the key into the driver’s side door lock.
  2. Turn the key once, but not all the way to unlock the door. Leave the key in this position for 40-60 seconds.
  3. Do this again, but turn the key in the opposite direction.
  4. Remove the key from the door, get into your Ford, and start the engine. The system should be reset.

Are Transit Connect reliable?

Ford Transit Connect Reliability Problems. Transit Connect owners have made 89 complaints over 12 model years. Using our PainRank™ system we’ve ranked it 21st in overall reliability out of 42 Ford models , with some transmission and engine concerns.

What is power latch ECU?

POWER LATCH (maintaining of the ECU power supply after the ignition is. switched off) This function allows the ECU to control the following parameters: • engine cooling, • saving of the adaptives and fault memory.

What to do if your Transit Connect won’t start?

Battery is Charged – If the battery is charged, then it would still be advisable to take a look at the battery cables and see if there is an issue with corrosion. Otherwise, it may be the starter that you need to look at. A bad alternator can cause your battery to lose enough charge to start your Transit Connect.

How to jump start a Ford Transit Connect with a battery?

If dead battery is the reason for the breakdown of your Transit Connect, you can easily jump start it using jumper cables and a healthy battery from another vehicle, or using a battery booster if available. First connect red cable to the positive terminal of your Transit Connect’s dead battery, then to the positive terminal of donor battery.

Can a bad alternator cause a Transit Connect not start?

A bad alternator can cause your battery to lose enough charge to start your Transit Connect. It may have had enough energy to get you home, but when you go to start the vehicle, there’s not enough stored energy for the engine to turn over.

Can Dirty battery contacts cause my Transit Connect not to start?

Corrosion on the contacts of your car battery leads to loss of contact and reduced current flow, which means that your engine can no longer start properly. To know if your Transit Connect’s starting problems are from dirty battery contacts, you need to investigate them.