Are Caldera spas worth it?

Are Caldera spas worth it?

Overall, Caldera Spas is a good spa manufacturer, but it falls a bit short on variety. It does not have the same number of options as most spa brands, and the list of extra features and upgrades is a bit short. It does not offer UV-C or ozone sanitation options, nor do its hot tubs have smart compatibility.

Who manufactures Caldera?

Watkins Wellness
Caldera® Spas was founded in 1976 and is one of the most heralded and trusted spa brands in the world. Caldera is manufactured by Watkins Wellness—the global industry leader having built more than one million hot tubs. Caldera spas are manufactured in the beautiful state of California located in San Diego County!

Are Caldera spas energy efficient?

At Caldera® spas, we don’t compromise when it comes to energy efficiency. Each of our hot tubs meets the most stringent energy standards established by the California Energy Commission (CEC).

How long does it take for Caldera spa to heat up?

With a Hot Spring or Caldera hot tub, it will take between 8-10 hours to heat up initially, but will remain it’s set temperature for the whole fill. Our spas are very smart and know when the heater should kick on and when it is okay to power down.

Where are Caldera spas made?

Caldera Spas are made at a factory in Vista, California.

What is the warranty on a Caldera spa?

5 YEAR COMPONENT WARRANTY Please check with your Caldera® spa dealer for details.

Who owns caldera spa?

1999 — Watkins acquires Caldera® Spas. 2003 — Hot Spring Vanguard® spa named Consumers Digest Best Buy. 2011 — Watkins acquires American Hydrotherapy Systems (AHS) including Fantasy Spas and Freeflow Spas; produces its one millionth spa.

How do you heat a Caldera spa hot tub?

Run your spa’s jet pump(s) for 30 minutes and then allow the spa to circulate for the next 8-12 hours.

Why is my Caldera spa not heating up?

To troubleshoot issues with the temperature sensor, heater high-limit thermostat, and the spa control box, disconnect power to the spa by flipping the GFCI breaker, and leave off for thirty seconds. Once you return power, check the logo lights to see if that reset resolved the issue.

Who owns Caldera spa?

Are caldera hot tubs any good?

Caldera spas offer saltwater sanitation and in-line sanitation systems. Caldera Spas had the fewest number of hot tub models of the brands we evaluated. Caldera Spas is a good spa brand, but it does not have as many hot tub models or extra features as other brands.

How much does a Cal Spa cost?

For a greater variety of options, check out Cal Spas. Caldera’s value and entry-level spa collection, the Vacanza Series, has five spas. The smallest, the Aventine, falls into the value-priced range of less than $7,000. Three models fall into the $7,000 to $9,000 price range and seat five, six and seven people.

How do I find a good hot tub?

Answer these seven questions to find a hot tub that provides everything you want—and more! Find a Dealer. Find a Dealer. Count on your local Caldera Spas dealer to help make your experience easy and enjoyable.