How do you cite a doctor?

How do you cite a doctor?

Formatting Requirements In APA style, in-text citations include only the author’s last name along with the date. First initials only appear if you have multiple authors with the same last name. Therefore, no professional degree indications appear. A citation from a doctor would look like this: (Hazu, 2014).

How do you cite a medical paper?

Journal Title for Journal Articles (required)Enter a journal title in the original language.Cite the journal name that was used at the time of publication. Abbreviate significant words in a journal title (see Abbreviation rules for journal titles) and omit other words, such as articles, conjunctions, and prepositions.

How do you cite an author with an MD?

Do not use an MD title with an in-text citation for MLA or APA format. Both use only the author’s last name. APA also includes the date of publication and MLA includes the page number referenced. The MD degree is left out of the citation completely.

Do you put DR in a citation?

The MLA Style Center As the MLA Handbook notes (1.2), a title like Dr. or Sir should not be included before a name mentioned in the text and is usually unnecessary to include in your works-cited-list entry.