What is Sig Tau known for?

What is Sig Tau known for?

Sigma Tau Gamma is a national collegiate fraternity founded in 1920 by veterans of the First World War to be a Fraternity of courageous and noble gentlemen who always endeavor forward. Its members dedicate themselves to a set of six Principles: Learning, Integrity, Excellence, Leadership, Citizenship, and Brotherhood.

What is Sigma Tau Gamma known for?

Sigma Tau Gamma also has a development program known as the “Path of Principles”. The first eight weeks of the program challenges associate members to “promote the highest ideals of brotherhood and demonstrate an abiding spirit in which all things in life are done and possible”.

What is the symbol of Sigma Tau?


Sigma Tau
Colors Navy blue White
Symbol Pyramid, Rail Section
Publication The Pyramid
Chapters 34 (at time of Merger)

What colleges have Sigma Tau Gamma?

Undergraduate Chapters (Active/Inactive/Associate)

No. Chapter School
1 Alpha University of Central Missouri
2 Beta Truman State University
3 Gamma Northwestern Oklahoma State University
4 Delta Emporia State University

Is Tau Sigma a fraternity?

Tau Sigma was established in 1999 at Auburn University. Part of the impetus for the creation of the organization was to provide a social support network to transfer students….

Tau Sigma
Founded 1999 Auburn University
Type Honor society
Affiliation Independent
Emphasis Transfer students

What is a violet in a fraternity?

The Violet is a representative of the fraternity, someone who SAE believes embodies their values. Other houses on campus also participate in this tradition. They choose honorary members yearly, electing men and women that exemplify the values of the house.

Is Tau Sigma legitimate?

It is definitely not a scam. Tau Sigma at Appalachian was started in 2010. It is recognized by Appalachian’s Center for Student Involvement and Leadership as an official campus organization. Tau Sigma was incorporated as a non-profit in 1999 with Auburn University being the home of the first chapter.