How many French re verbs are there?

How many French re verbs are there?

French Verbs The category of verbs that ends in -re is the smallest category of verbs in French, comprising about 50 regular verbs and about 100 irregular ones. The regular -re verbs are fairly easy to conjugate, with the nous, vous, and ils/elles forms using the same endings as -er verbs.

What are re verbs in French?

Common regular -re verbs

attendre to wait (for)
dépendre to depend
descendre to descend
entendre to hear, to understand
étendre to stretch

What are 5 re verbs in French?

There are five main kinds of verbs in French: regular -ER, -IR, -RE; stem-changing; and irregular….Here are the most common regular -RE verbs:

  • attendre: to wait (for)
  • défendre: to defend.
  • descendre: to descend.
  • entendre: to hear.
  • étendre: to stretch.
  • fondre: to melt.
  • pendre: to hang, suspend.
  • perdre: to lose.

Is rendre an irregular verb?

Rendre is a French regular re verb meaning to return sth.

Is Conduire an irregular verb?

Conduire, meaning “to drive, take, lead or conduct,” is a highly irregular French -re verb that doesn’t follow regular conjugation patterns.

What are the Re Verb endings in French?

– -s for tu (you) – -t for il, elle, on (he, she, we singular) – -ons for nous (we) – -ez for vous (you) – -ent for ils, elles (they masculine & neutral, they feminine)

What are the most common French verbs?

je suis — I am

  • tu es — you (singular informal) are
  • il,elle,on est — he,she,it is
  • nous sommes — we are
  • vous êtes — you (plural informal/singular formal) are
  • ils,elles sont — they are
  • What are all the verbs in French?

    aller – to go

  • avoir – to have
  • dire – to say,to tell
  • être – to be
  • faire – to make,to do
  • falloir – to be necessary
  • pouvoir – to be able to do
  • savoir – to know,to know how to
  • voir – to see
  • vouloir – to want to. Some verbs follow irregular patterns. Once you know these patterns,it’s easier to identify and conjugate irregular verbs.
  • How to master French verb conjugation in 5 Easy Steps?

    5. Practise using new French verbs in speech. Once you’ve done the step above – learned to conjugate a verb and seen a lot of examples of it used in sentences, you should start practising it in speech. Make up your own sentences and say them out loud. Write them down too.