What brand oxygen sensor is best?

What brand oxygen sensor is best?

10 Best Oxygen Sensors Reviews

  • ACDelco AFS138 GM Original Equipment Heated Oxygen Sensor.
  • Denso 234-4261 Oxygen Sensor.
  • Abigail 15717 Oxygen Sensor.
  • Kax 234-4209 Oxygen Sensor.
  • Mostplus 234-4587 O2 Oxygen Sensor.
  • Bosch 17025 Oxygen Sensor.
  • YCT Oxygen O2 Sensor.

How does a zirconia oxygen sensor work?

Zirconia oxygen sensors use heat and chemistry to detect oxygen. Zirconia dioxide is coated with a thin layer of porous platinum to form a solid‐state electrochemical fuel cell. Carbon monoxide, if present in the test gas, is oxidized by the oxygen to form CO2 which triggers a proportional flow of current.

Are aftermarket oxygen sensors any good?

It’s true that you may find an aftermarket oxygen sensor that’s advertised as better than OEM. There’s still no guarantee that it’ll outperform an OEM oxygen sensor when it comes to working with your ECU and withstanding the continuous exposure to hot exhaust.

Which oxygen sensor is better Bosch or Denso?

A lot of Asian-made vehicles come with Denso as OEM, actually. Bosch oxygen sensors are a better fit for European vehicles. The brand’s sensors are also thicker, “fatter” than other aftermarket manufacturers. In many cases, they are also cheaper.

What is zirconia oxygen?

The zirconia oxygen analyzer is suitable for measurements of ppm to % levels of oxygen in a gas or mixture of gases. The zirconia cell is an electrochemical galvanic cell employing a high temperature ceramic sensor containing stabilised zirconium oxide.

What is a zirconia type oxygen sensor?

The zirconium dioxide oxygen sensor does not measure oxygen concentration %, but rather it measures partial pressure of oxygen in a gas or mixture of gases. The oxygen sensor employs a well proven, small zirconium dioxide-based element and its heart and due to its innovative design does NOT require a reference gas.