What does the ghost mean on Tamagotchi?

What does the ghost mean on Tamagotchi?

It happens when an adult gains a Care Mistake and replaces the skull. It is represented by three vertical lines, one of which is longer than the others, and the Tamagotchi looking upset or facing away.

How many Tamagotchi characters are there?

The foods created through cooking all raise certain skill areas. There are a total of 58 characters featured on this Tamagotchi (42 Basic characters, three Secret Characters, two oldies, Oyajitchi and 10 Call Dating Service characters, also known as Hatenazoku characters).

What does a skull mean on a Tamagotchi?

MEDICINE: if a “skull” image appears, Tamagotchi character is sick and needs medicine. Press A button until the medicine icon is highlighted, then press B. Sometimes 2 or 3 doses are needed before Tamagotchi character is well.

What if Tamagotchi dies?

If your virtual pet has died, you can raise a new Tamagotchi character by tapping the A button while holding down the C button. This will start you over from the beginning, but ITEMS, GOTCHI POINTS, and PICTURES will be carried over with your new Tamagotchi character.

How do you clean poop on Tamagotchi?

Throughout the day, a Tamagotchi will leave poo on the screen, and the user must clean it up using the Toilet icon.

Can my Tamagotchi get fat?

Every time you feed your Tamagotchi, its weight will increase. It’s important that you also play with your Tama from time to time to keep its weight in check. It’s bad for the Tamagotchi to be overweight! In some releases, an overweight Tamagotchi becomes moody and naughty.

How do you get serious adult Tamagotchi characters?

These characters cannot be obtained legitimately; they can only be accessed if the Tamagotchi is debugged, where they are chosen as soon as the egg hatches. They act as Serious adults, and they do not evolve from or into anything except Otokitchi or Ojitchi . Taken from the Deka Tamagotchi . Taken from the Deka Tamagotchi .

What do you think about awamokotchi?

Weeptchi is a cute Tamagotchi character who’s like an angel. Though he always has tears in his eyes, he works hard even when things go wrong. Awamokotchi is very organized and tidy, and her whole body is covered in bubbles. She is always careful to get the proper amount of sleep and to keep track of her belongings.

Is deka tamagotchi a choosable character?

Unused Deka Tamagotchi character. Taken from the Deka Tamagotchi. Not a choosable character in itself but it replaces other debug-only characters in certain sprite animations (such as when it plays with an item). Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.