What is a tapping sleeve used for?

What is a tapping sleeve used for?

Tapping Sleeves are used when tapping into a pipe while it is under pressure. Hot Tapping Sleeves come in a variety of styles; Shop Coated Carbon Steel, Epoxy Coated Carbon Steel or All 304 or 316 Stainless Steel. Tapping Sleeves are normally flanged, but smaller sizes can come with threaded outlets.

What is a tapping valve?

A tapping valve is used to connect domestic service lines and is the transition from the main supply pipe to the building. It realizes a branch, without taking the supply line out of service and thus avoids the impairment of entire districts or supply areas.

Which valve is used in taps?

Globe: Water faucets (taps) are examples of globe valves. When you turn the handle, you screw a valve up or down and this allows pressurized water to flow up through a pipe and out through the spout below. Unlike a gate or sluice, a valve like this can be set to allow more or less fluid through it.

How do you tap water pipes?

The Art of Tapping Ensure the valve stop threads match those of the tap. Use gaskets between the tapping machine and the saddle, and between the saddle and the pipe. Keep the outside of the pipe and the tapping drill disinfected and clean while tapping. Tap at 45 degrees in relation to the centerline of the pipe.

What is a tapping sleeve and valve?

A tapping sleeve and valve allows access to and branching off of an existing water main. A Tapping Sleeve and Valve differs from an ‘Inserting Sleeve and Valve’ in that it does not allow closure of the mainline, only closure of the branch being added by way of the new valve.

What type of pipe do you use for tapping sleeves?

Mueller Co. offers a full range of NSF 61 and Annex G certified mechanical joint tapping sleeves and crosses to fit most types of pipe, including cast iron, ductile iron, A-C and cast iron O.D. PVC. Outlet sealed tapping sleeves for C900 O.D. PVC, ductile iron, and cast iron pipe are also available.

What are the different types of tapping materials?

Mueller ® tapping materials include a full range of sleeves and crosses, stainless steel tapping sleeves, tapping valves, split sleeves, cut-in valves, and valve parts. These products are used on a wide variety of pipe materials and diameters.

What is the pressure of a tap sleeve?

Used to make a branch outlet on concrete steel cylinder pipe. Stainless steel tapping sleeve with full circumferential seal, triangular side-bars and drop-in bolts. 6″ – 12″: up to 250 psi; 14″ – 42″: up to 150 psi; 48″ and larger: up to 100 psi.