What is special about Kent school?

What is special about Kent school?

The Kent culture defies traditional labels, and erases boundaries. Every student at Kent has their own set of unique, character-defining “ands.” And it is these combinations of experiences that reveal aspects of their strengths, characters and potentials that may have never been discovered.

How many schools are in the Kenton County School District?

The Kenton County School District (the definite article is part of the district’s official name) is a local education agency headquartered in Ft….Kenton County School District.

The Kenton County School District
Accreditation Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
Schools 18
Budget $7.1 million

Is Kent College a private school?

Kent College, Canterbury is a co-educational independent school for boarding and day pupils between the ages of 3 months and 18 years. It was founded in 1885, and is a member of the Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference….Kent College.

Kent College, Canterbury
Website http://www.kentcollege.com/

Is Kent a good school?

Kent State is the highest-ranked public school in northern Ohio on the Best Undergraduate Computer Science Programs list and lands at No. 145 among the country’s public institutions. Kent State is also included on the Best National Universities list in the coveted top tier, moving up four spots to now place at No.

Is Kent a good boarding school?

Kent School ranks among the top 20 boarding schools (out of 307 schools) for: Category Attribute. Offering Breadth Most extracurriculars offered.

Is Kenton County off school today?

SCHOOL CLOSINGS: Kenton, Boone and Campbell County Schools are CLOSED today.

How many kids are in Kenton County schools?

14,602 students
Overview of Kenton County Kenton County contains 23 schools and 14,602 students. The district’s minority enrollment is 20%.

Are Kenton County schools open today?

Is Kent College Canterbury a private school?

Welcome to Kent College, an independent day and boarding school for children from 3 years to 18.

What is the Ken-Ton school district known for?

The Ken-Ton School District is widely regarded in the Western New York arts community as having one of the region’s leading K-12 art education program with two art career pathways in the Fine Arts and the Media Arts.

Where can I find out more about the Ken-Ton school district budget?

Visit www.ktufsd.org/budget for information on the budget, propositions and Board candidates. Now Hiring Substitute Teachers! With substitute teachers in such high demand across the country, the Ken-Ton School District is positioning itself to be among the most attractive destinations for anyone interested in becoming a substitute teacher.

Why Ken-Ton for music education?

For eight years in a row, Ken-Ton has been among the tiny fraction of the nation’s school districts to be designated as a “Best Community for Music Education” by the NAMM Foundation.

When is the application due for the Kenton City Schools Commissions?

Committee Membership applications are due March 1st. Kenton City Schools is accepting applications for substitute cafeteria positions. No set schedule. Hours would vary. Work coverage could be in any of the three school buildings.