What is the ghost girl in Pokemon X and Y?

What is the ghost girl in Pokemon X and Y?

The ghost girl is a specter and a character of the day that appeared in Ghoul Daze!. She is an evil spirit that tries to capture humans and bring them to the spirit world. She first appeared in the bushes, waving her hands and asking Conway to play with her.

Who is the girl in Pokemon X?

Serena (Japanese: セレナ Serena) is the female player character in Pokémon X and Y, and also serves as the rival in the same games if the player chooses to play as the male character. Her male counterpart is Calem.

Who is the one in Pokemon?

List of Pokémon

Name National Pokédex number
English Japanese
Bulbasaur Fushigidane (フシギダネ) 1
Ivysaur Fushigisō (フシギソウ) 2
Venusaur Fushigibana (フシギバナ) 3

What is Allister team?

Allister (Japanese: オニオン Onion) is the Gym Leader of Stow-on-Side’s Gym, known officially as Stow-on-Side Stadium. He specializes in Ghost-type Pokémon. He gives the Ghost Badge to Trainers who defeat him. In Pokémon Sword, Bea takes his place as Stow-on-Side’s Gym Leader instead.

What is Allister’s gender?


Allister オニオン Onion
“The silent boy of mystery!”
Gender Male
Eye color Purple
Hair color Black

What’s the deal with the ghost girl in Pokémon X&Y?

Pokémon X & Y are rather happy-go-lucky games—that is, with the exception of a mysterious ghost girl that managed to freak players out last November. You’d think that by now, almost a year after her discovery, we’d know what her deal is…but no. She’s still somewhat of an enigma.

Is ghost girl an intentional inclusion?

But recently, players have found a certain clue that makes it seem like ghost girl is an intentional inclusion, and not just some random thing that a programmer sneaked in or something. If you visit the Japanese Pokemon website, there’s a page where the ghost girl appears. In fact, this errant page seems to be entirely about her.

Is there a scary story in Pokemon X and Y Route 14?

It features a screenshot of a character you find in a haunted house by Pokémon X & Y’ s route 14—you might recall him as the person that tells you a scary story. If you’d like to watch said scary story, skip to the 15:40 mark of this video: