What is the Greek airline called?

What is the Greek airline called?

Aegean Airlines S.A. (Greek: Αεροπορία Αιγαίου Ανώνυμη Εταιρεία Aeroporía Aigaíou Anónimi Etairía, pronounced [aeropoˈria eˈʝeu]; LSE: 0OHY) is the flag carrier airline of Greece and the largest Greek airline by total number of passengers carried, by number of destinations served and by fleet size.

Is Aegean airline good?

“Aegean Airlines has been voted the Best European Regional Airline by customers for many years, and this is supported by the excellent full-service standards provided on its international route network. A consistent strength for Aegean Airlines is the quality and consistency of cabin staff service.”

Is Aegean part of Star Alliance?

Aegean Airlines joins Star Alliance network.

Does Aegean fly to USA?

Aegean Tickets to United States of America Travelocity is proud to offer some of the lowest prices on Aegean one-way and round-trip flights to many popular destinations in United States of America.

Which alliance is Aegean Airlines?

Star AllianceAegean Airlines / Alliance

Which country owns Aegean Airlines?

Aegean Airlines is the full-service flagship carrier of Greece. The carrier operates on an extensive domestic network, and serves passenger scheduled services to international destinations in Europe, the Middle East as well as Africa.

Can people from Greece come to the United States?

An approved ESTA allows Greek citizens to visit the United States for tourism, business, transit, medical or short study purposes for up to 90 days per visit. If you wish to stay in the United States beyond 90 days, you should apply for a B1 Business or B2 Tourist Visa.

What does the name Aegean mean?

Phonetic spelling of gavrilo. gavri-lo. g-ah-v-r-IH-l-oh. Gav-rilo.

  • Meanings for gavrilo.
  • Translations of gavrilo. Arabic :جافريلو Russian : Гаврило Chinese : 普林
  • How to pronounce Aegean in English?

    Watch How To Pronounce Aegean SeaThe Aegean Sea (/ᵻˈdʒiːən/; Greek: Αιγαίο Πέλαγος [eˈʝeo ˈpelaɣos] ( listen); Turkish: Ege Denizi Turkish pronunciation: [eɟ…

    What is Aegean Airlines like?

    How I redeemed miles for Aegean Airlines business class

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  • What to do in the Aegean Sea?

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