Who won gold medal for tennis in Olympic 2004?

Who won gold medal for tennis in Olympic 2004?

Nicolás Massú
Mardy FishFernando González
Tennis at the 2004 Summer Olympics/Medalists

Who won Athens 2004?

The 2004 Games were generally deemed to be a success, with the rising standard of competition amongst nations across the world. The final medal tally was led by the United States, followed by China and Russia with host nation Greece at 15th place.

How many gold medals did Athens win in 2004?

A total of 10,625 athletes from 201 countries represented by National Olympic Committees participated in these games, competing in 301 events in 28 sports….2004 Summer Olympics medal table.

2004 Summer Olympics medals
Location Athens, Greece
Most gold medals United States (36)
Most total medals United States (101)

How many gold medals did we win in Athens?

The United States led the medal table with 35 gold medals, closely followed by an improving China, with 32 gold. Australia was fourth with 49* medals overall, including 17 gold, with Russia in third place.

How many tennis players were in the 2004 Athens Olympics?

Tennis at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens took place on ten separate courts at the Olympic Tennis Centre. The surface was hardcourt. 172 players competed in 4 events. 2004 saw more of the top ranked players appearing, as this tournament saw world ranking points allocated to the players for the first time.

Who won the men’s singles tournament at the 2004 Summer Olympics?

Switzerland ‘s Roger Federer was the world No. 1, but he lost to world No. 74 Tomáš Berdych of the Czech Republic in the second round. The men’s singles tournament of the 2004 Summer Olympics was held at the Athens Olympic Tennis Centre in Athens, Greece from 15 to 22 August 2004.

Who did Justine Henin beat in the 2004 Olympics?

Belgium ‘s Justine Henin defeated France ‘s Amélie Mauresmo in the final, 6–3, 6–3 to win the gold medal in Women’s Singles tennis at the 2004 Summer Olympics. It was Belgium’s only gold medal at the 2004 Games. Henin lost only one set during the tournament (to Russia ‘s Anastasia Myskina in the semifinals).

When did tennis return to the Olympics?

The IOC reinstated Tennis to the Olympic programme as a demonstration sport at the 1968 Games and the 1984 Olympics before returning as a full medal sport open to all players at the 1988 Games. The 2004 tournament was the 12th official medal event in men’s singles.